The Problem With the “C-Word” in Podcasting (The “P-Word is Better!)

The Problem With the “C-Word” in Podcasting (The “P-Word is Better!)

“Content for the sake of content is not going to cut it.”

~Andrea Klunder, Your Podcast Boss

I have a confession to make and that is that I have a problem. There is a word that I have started using. I have adopted it into my language, into my vocabulary, and I am very disturbed and ashamed, and it’s not a word that I wanna be using ever, or at least not as much as I have been as of late.

And that is, well, if you looked at the title of the episode, you already know it’s the “c-word.” Gasp! Mm-hmm. I have lately been talking about content.

What? Not the “c-word” you were expecting?

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“Nobody needs more Polyfill fiber in their life unless you are making inexpensive decorative throw pillows.”

Andrea Klunder

Article Continued

The problem with the word content is it’s like saying, “I’m trying to fill a container.  I’m trying to fill a space, a void with stuff. With content. The contents of this pillow are Polyfill Fiber, 100% Polyfill fiber. Nobody needs more Polyfill fiber in their life unless you are making inexpensive decorative throw pillows!

I serve business owners, thought leaders, in their respective niches, in their industries, in their fields, in their organizations, to use the medium of podcasting towards whatever their higher purpose or goal is. This whole space, the industry, the medium, the platform, whatever angle you’re coming to it from, is getting more competitive day by day. Gone are the days where you could be the first woman to launch a small business advice podcast and then right away shoot to the top of the Apple charts because you are literally the first and the only podcast in that particular niche.

You can use this platform to create these genuine, intimate, meaningful conversations with your listeners, even if they’re just listening and they’re not actually talking back to you. You are creating meaningful change in their life. You are providing them something that they don’t get anywhere else.

However, they need to be able to find you, and once they find you, you need to be able to capture and hold their attention long enough to build that relationship. They hear on the podcast and they build that parasocial relationship with you episode after episode after episode, time and time and time and time and time and time goes by… That relationship gets deeper. The connection is more meaningful, and their connection to your brand becomes stronger and stronger.

But it takes time. 

And differentiation.

And it helps you to differentiate when you remember to entertain your audience by implementing the “p-word.” Production value.

That is what turns content into magic, into life-changing moments and emotional breakthroughs for your audience. So, If your podcast is not doing that for your audience, you are missing a golden opportunity and your show likely fades into the background.

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