Celebrating 100 Episodes! Advice From Our Team For YOUR Podcast

Celebrating 100 Episodes! Advice From Our Team For YOUR Podcast

“I think the biggest one would be to value yourself and value your skills, and to always just continually be learning and connecting with the community.”

~Helen King, Associate Editor @ The Creative Impostor Studios

Milestones are actions or events marking a significant change or stage in development. If you’re a podcaster committed (and crazy) enough to reach two of these landmark occasions, then attention is due! All of this to say, PODCAST ENVY HAS REACHED 100 EPISODES! 

The all-cap is warranted. Looking back over 100 episodes, I can’t help but think about the olden days of my business. When I launched Podcast Envy in 2018, I had a small roster of podcast editing clients and helped a handful of folks launch new shows. Oh, and the “team” was just me and Edwin Ruiz, CI’s technical director extraordinaire.

Slow and steady in podcasting is a funny thing. One minute, you’re tucked into a bedroom closet, hoping your new client doesn’t notice the laundry. Five years later, you’re running a full-service podcasting agency and strategy consultancy, producing shows and teaching podcasting to high schoolers, traveling cross country to produce content, and receiving invitations to speak at the nation’s best podcasting events. 

But my centennial achievement is only half the story…

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Article Continued

“Don’t be afraid of asking the questions that give your guests pause.

Lisa Widder, Show Notes Copywriter @ The Creative Impostor Studios

The other half of the story belongs to the Creative Impostor Studios team––a team I’m mad proud to say has gone global: Monica Braine, Associate Editor & Consulting Producer (Albuquerque, NM); Helen King, Associate Editor (Auckland, New Zealand); Alex Riegler, Podcast Manager (Chicago, IL); Edwin R. Ruiz, Technical Director (Chicago, IL); Heidi Stabbert, Associate Editor (Anchorage, AK); Caitlin Sunderland, Social Media & Outreach Coordinator, (Richmond, VA); and Lisa Widder, Show Notes Copywriter (Chicago, IL).

To mark 100 episodes, I put these passionate podcast professionals on the spot (hey, what are anniversary episodes for if not to shake things up?). I asked each of them to offer up some sage counsel for podcasters, plus a piece of advice for folks wanting to do what they do on the daily.

Beyond the technical suggestions that all podcasters should put into practice right now, there’s a lovely throughline to their answers. The shorthand version is: never underestimate the soft skill of staying curious. Genuine interest in the guest, the topic, the equipment, the formatting of notes or graphics, and other shows leads to magical milestone moments.

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Advice From Our Team

“Put your animals away!” – Monica Braine, Consulting Producer & Associate Editor

“One piece of advice for someone who wants to do what I do: learn to be very sympathetic and be a nerd and always be looking for solutions.” – Edwin Ruiz, Technical Director

“My one piece of advice for someone who would be interested in doing podcast editing would be to start your own podcast because it gives you great experience, not only editing but understanding how an entire show runs.” – Heidi Stabbert, Associate Editor

“I think the biggest one would be to value yourself and value your skills, and to always just continually be learning and connecting with the community.” – Helen King, Associate Editor

“Don’t be afraid of asking the questions that give your guests pause.” – Lisa Widder, Show Notes Copywriter

“Embrace emotional moments.” – Alex Riegler, Podcast Manager

“One piece of advice [for] social media graphics would just make sure that you’re keeping it on brand, easy to read, and shareable.” – Caitlin Sunderland, Social Media Coordinator

“My piece of advice for somebody who wants to do my job of running a small podcast agency is to hire coaches who are good and who know what they’re talking about––and then do what they tell you to do, to continue to move forward and get better at doing all the things you don’t know how to do.” – Andrea Klunder, Your Podcast Boss 

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Peace, love, and podcasting!

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