Hey Andrea… How do I overcome podcaster’s block?

Hey Andrea… How do I overcome podcaster’s block?

“Getting stuck is part of the cycle, and burnout is a real hazard that many of us face at one time or another.”

~Andrea Klunder, Your Podcast Boss

In university parlance, a 101 class forms the foundation for sustainable proficiency in a particular subject. It’s fitting then that this one-oh-one episode of Podcast Envy is an installment of “Hey Andrea!” where I answer questions posed by real-life podcasters about creating a successful, satisfying podcasting experience for themselves, their business, their brand, or organization. 

Today’s question comes via the She Podcasts Facebook group from Jeannette Bonner, producer and host of Hashtag Single. Jeannette asks, “How do I get over podcaster’s block?” 

Ugh! Is there a more universal dilemma in all of podcasting? 

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“You can literally change anything about your podcast at any point that you want.”

Andrea Klunder

As Jeannette explains, she took a break from producing Hashtag Single last October after four years of constant episode output. Now, she feels like no one even noticed. Additionally, she notes that the amount of time required to execute the show to her high standards (seriously, Jeannette posts a great product despite being a team of only one) has ballooned since she began podcasting. 

Jeannette also laments a perceived low number of episode downloads despite best efforts to grow the show in a competitive content category. I say “perceived” because my research into Hashtag Single reveals a more impressive truth behind the numbers than I think she realizes (more about that in the episode). 

But back to the task at hand: banishing podcaster’s block! As a podcasting host, producer, strategist, speaker, and teaching artist, I’ve discovered that the remedy for podcaster’s block is to get curious about your show.

Begin by asking yourself these four questions:

  • Why did I start podcasting in the first place? (Your “why” is your 101!)

  • Are there processes or projects related to my podcast that I can dump, delegate to others, or defer until later?

  • Can I experiment with changes that align with my current why? Or would a total rebrand reignite my passion? 

  • Is it time to close the show (for now? or forever?) and start something new?

In answering these questions for myself, I became motivated to expand the Creative Impostor team, reboot Podcast Envy as a live stream after a year-long hiatus, and revisit the Hey Andrea! format as a way to generate new content. Will these changes stick? I don’t know, but that’s what makes podcasting such an exciting medium. You, me, and Jeannette literally get to write our own rules for busting through the block.

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Peace, love, and podcasting!

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