CI082: Command your voice, find freedom with singer Davin Youngs

CI082: Command your voice, find freedom with singer Davin Youngs

There is a vulnerability that comes with the voice because it is a natural expression… of who we are. The sound of my voice carries with it the story of my life.

~Davin Youngs

Honestly? I shouldn’t even write show notes for this one. I mean, this episode is about voice. How we use it. How we experience it. Where it comes from. 

How do you summarize it with words?

My friend Davin Youngs does a great job distilling voice down to its essence. He’s a singer, teacher, and sound guide with profound observations about human vocalization that reverberate in the body and in life. He’s made a career helping people overcome deeply-rooted fears that block them from living fully in their voice.

If you’ve guessed that there’s a lot more than music theory being taught in one of his workshops, you’re right.

Read on for more…

How do you feel about your own voice? 

Is it a tool that you feel like you have command over? Is it something that feels vulnerable? Do you enjoy speaking or presenting? Does it make you feel nervous? Do you never really think about your voice? It’s just a thing that comes out of you when you need to use it?

What questions do you have about voice? Would you like to learn about ways that you can become more comfortable or more skillful with using your voice?

Email me your thoughts, questions, fears, desires around voice: Andrea [at] 

This can be written out in text or you can record a voice memo on your phone or fancy microphone and send me the recording I can play on the show.

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Article Continued

There’s no conversation with Davin about the magic of voice without discussing life, vulnerability, and transformation. It’s no coincidence that voice is produced in the throat, one of the most exposed and sensitive areas of the body, and that finding one’s voice can feel risky. 

But when we allow ourselves the simple pleasure of vocalizing — chanting, humming, singing, or speaking — we invite positive physiological changes to occur.

That’s been Davin’s experience as a singer. He’s also seen it happen in his private practice and as a participant in one of Bobby McFerrin’s Circlesong workshops at Omega Institute in upstate New York. I’ve also seen those physiological changes take place as well in the Bhakti Vinyasa yoga classes I lead at Sat Nam Yoga in Chicago.

Too much woo-woo for you?

Don’t fear the woo! 

Yes, Davin and I are seriously comfortable with energy work. But he’s got years of solid musical study and functional application to support his POV.

So, when he says that our voices are the greatest tool we have for broadcasting our authenticity* to the world, I nod wildly in agreement. And not just because I’m a podcaster. Published reports show voice-based assessments of trustworthiness repeatedly outscoring visual tests in side-by-side evaluations. 

*Authenticity. I know! The word gets thrown around. A lot.

I love that Davin defines authenticity by example, charting his growth from closeted queer kid with the booming baritone (his words) to present-day voice teacher and coach. His view of authenticity holds space for multiple personas rather than constantly searching for a singular, elusive part of himself. 

And whether it’s learning to use your voice or uncovering your authentic selves, Davin’s all about committing to the practice because that’s where the magic happens. 

We become stronger when we’re heard and we become more compassionate when we listen.

My advice to you? Listen in… then burst into spontaneous sound!


Resources & Links


Davin Youngs

Connect with Davin on Instagram @davinyoungs.


Western Michigan University School of Music

Chautauqua Summer Institution

Somatic Voice Workshop

Bobby McFerrin’s Circlesong Workshop at Omega Institute

Sat Nam Yoga Chicago

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