CI085: Devote yourself to the spark within you with Charlotte Eléa

CI085: Devote yourself to the spark within you with Charlotte Eléa

I think a lot of entrepreneurs, we get stuck in this place of ‘my business is me’ and when your business is you, oh my gosh! It comes with all your insecurities, all your ego… and you can just get stuck in so much. But when your business isn’t you anymore and, instead, it’s about the thing that you’re putting out into the world, then that thing starts directing your actions and all you have to do is be passionate and devoted to it.”

~Charlotte Eléa

Charlotte Eléa’s voice has changed. No, not in that Peter-Brady-hits-puberty kind of way (look it up). Since we last spoke waaaay back on episode 34, the intuitive guide has shifted her attention from dream interpretation (utilizing the tarot deck for analysis) to helping women achieve their big, beautiful breakthrough moments.

Maybe changed isn’t accurate. She’s still a guide and healer. But pivot seems too cubicle-bound and corporate a word to use in her presence.

How do I effectively communicate her belief that we’re all worthy of being heard, healed, and transformed? 

Thankfully, I can leave that up to Charlotte herself. 

With the rebranding of her business and the writing of her first book To Be Worthy, she says she’s answered a calling to serve in a way that’s more integrated but no less authentic than her previous project. Instead of tarot, however, now she’s using her own experiences to lift and enlighten. 

Read on for more…

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Article Continued

Writing the book, To Be Worthy, which was funded with support from an IndieGoGo campaign, was a new experience for her, one that came with its own emotional impact. We talk about managing its creation and how she balanced the other aspects of her professional and private life during the process.

(spoiler alert: it’s challenging!)

That lead to a question from a Creative Imposter community member who wanted to know how Charlotte went from starting her business to thriving in the spiritual development space,

(hint: passion + devotion = flow)

There’s some much gratitude for the journey in Charlotte’s voice and I guess that hasn’t changed since the last time I interviewed her. She’s just as authentic in spirit and purpose now as she was in episode 34.

Instead, I’ll say that Charlotte Eléa’s voice has emerged — from a place of her own struggles with unworthiness.

It’s informed — by the lessons she learned while nurturing Dream Intuition.

It’s adapted — to new methods of sharing her message.

It’s evolved — to become a powerful tool, both in print and online.

And it’s a joy to catch up with her to find out how she’s using her voice these days.


I’ve discovered that the most powerful way for me to use my voice is in sharing my story and sharing my breakthrough. There’s something so powerful about inspiration, having your own experiences inspire others

~Charlotte Eléa

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