CI087: Creative Impostor stories for you and happy birthday to me!

CI087: Creative Impostor stories for you and happy birthday to me!

And during the whole experience, I thought I SHOULD make an audio journal, document what I was going through, but the few times I tried to record, I either sobbed or I just sat there staring at the time code counting up the seconds of my not knowing what to say

~Andrea Klunder

It’s my birthday week! I don’t know about you, but birthdays are always a time of reflection for me — what has this past year meant for me and what lies ahead.

It’s also a time to celebrate myself! And I am not above asking YOU for a gift. That’s right — and it will not cost you a thing, nor do you need my mailing address.

What I would love more than anything is a story, an anecdote, a short acknowledgment that all the labor and love (and work) I put into producing this show means something to someone other than me!

Here’s how…

  1. Go to
  2. Pick one of the episode titles listed there that resonates with you — it could be because you listened to that episode and it pinged something for you — or maybe you didn’t even listen to the episode, it’s just the phrase that holds some meaning.
  3. Write (200-300 words) or record audio (2-3min) -ish of a short story about how that phrase, idea, episode either influenced you or has shown up for you in your creative life or work.  You don’t need to do any editing. Even just a voice memo on your phone will be great.
  4. Email it to me by January 1st, 2020.

This is to help me celebrate 100 episodes which is coming up this spring!!!

I know, I know, if you are not already a podcaster, recording your voice for public consumption may feel terrifying. Let me assure you that since you are a part of The Creative Impostor community, your story is going to be relevant to other listeners in this community.  If you share genuinely and authentically you will get nothing but love and knowing head nods back.

Also sharing your insights, wins, fears, major failures, resilience, discoveries can be SO liberating and affirming. (truthfully, this is one of the main reasons I podcast.)

And if you really want to contribute but you still feel too uncomfortable, you can always ask me to read or play your story anonymously. Of course if you want to shout your website, blog, etsy shop, podcast etc from the rooftops, include where we can find you!

Now, if there’s anything I’ve learned from teaching podcasting to high school students, it’s that sometimes it’s best to lead by example.

So I picked a few of MY favorite titles and have some stories for you.


Read on for more…

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Wherever you are in your story, I hope you’ll join me in celebrating 100 episodes of The Creative Impostor by contributing. I appreciate you and you never know who needs to hear exactly what you have to say.

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Give yourself a real shot at your crazy dream
(039 – Jen Briney of Congressional Dish)

When I was in school I always knew I was going to do great things. I was never one to settle for mediocrity. And I always knew my life was going to be dynamic and interesting… once I finally got out of school. Then my REAL LIFE, my awesome adult life would begin.

But once I DID finally get out of school, I got an office job at the Lyric Opera of Chicago. And it was fine. But it was just a day job to pay the bills, and pay for my exciting urban life in Chicago… just until I finally got my big break as an actor, writer, filmmaker, whatever…

In the meantime, I’d take the el train home from work sometime between 5 and 6:00pm and look around at all the faces — exhausted, bored, grumpy, gray. I would NEVER let myself become this. I was destined for more.

But as the years dragged on, and my pay raises got smaller and smaller, and my artistic dreams seemed further and further away, I knew I needed to do something drastic. I considered grad school, I researched teaching English abroad, I auditioned for a touring children’s theater company that would pay me 1/3 of what I was currently earning. And finally I decided to get my yoga teacher certification and the dream of spending all day in comfy yoga pants with adoring students hanging on my every asana cue was born. 

I started teaching part-time on the side, I learned how to write a business plan, I researched the yoga industry, I asked for money from my family (a loan of course), and then I quit! I quit that 9-5ish admin office job. And Infuse Yoga Spa was born in a small annex of a chiropractic clinic in Lincoln Park. 

Focus on the “what”
(002 – Nikki Nigl)

This is actually how The Creative Impostor began — and then Podcast Envy, Power Your Story, Craft & Culture behind the scenes, my whole podcasting business!

Before I ever had a podcast, I left my full-time day job in arts admin to start a storefront yoga studio in Chicago. I was full of hope and confidence and excitement until that business sucked the money, energy, health and joy completely out of me. 5 years later, I closed the studio, moved to a new apartment, filed bankruptcy and sunk into depression.

I had no business, no job, no real identity, and no desire to do ANYTHING. But I WAS listening to podcasts — yoga podcasts, entrepreneurial podcasts, lifestyle podcasts — it was my escape.

In fact, a former student had asked me if I would ever create a yoga podcast (before I really knew what a podcast was.) AND a coach who happened to by a yoga teacher, studio owner, podcaster (among other entrepreneurial passions) had once advised me to consider growing my business with podcasting (at a time when I was too busy drowning to grab onto that life preserver).

But now… now… I had no money but I had time. Maybe now, I could start a podcast. And I had no idea how! I had no idea where it would lead! I had no idea whether it could make income for me. But if I had worried about all of that, I may never have started.

So I just focused on the WHAT: I’m creating a podcast. And let it unfold from there. 

Recommit to being vulnerable
(072 – Matt Marr from The Dear Mattie Show)

Speak about the hard things
(086 – Monica Rivera from You Wanna Do What?!)

There are two things you may or may not know about me (depending on how long you’ve been listening to this show) — 1) I received a stage 0 or DCIS pre-breast cancer diagnosis at the top of this year, and subsequently went through surgery and reconstruction — now still in my mind in recovery.  and 2) I am obsessed with making podcasts and never run out of ideas for new shows (just time to make them.)

I spoke about this experience on a few episodes of The Creative Impostor earlier this year — and it was hard. I didn’t want to be depressing or self-pity-like. I didn’t want to be known as “breast cancer girl”  and I wasn’t sure whether my experience would have any relevance to you as a listener. 

It was hard to record those episodes. And during the whole experience, I thought I SHOULD make an audio journal, document what I was going through, but the few times I tried to record, I either sobbed or I just sat there staring at the time code counting up the seconds of my not knowing what to say.

But now, months later, it’s coming to me in fragments, in waves. I’m recording voice memos, I’m jotting down phrases and ideas. And I’m applying for grants, to help buy me the time to tell my story.

Okay… I only meant to share three BUT geez, I don’t know if I can conclude on that note… so here’s a quickie!

Power your story
(071 – Sam Trump, Sam Kirk, Jenny Q)

Everyone has a story. And most people feel like it’s so small, like it’s not that important, like it’s so specific to them that no one else could possibly be interested in hearing it.

If there’s anything I’ve learned from 4+ years of podcasting, it’s that you never know who is out there, a close friend, an acquaintance or even a total stranger who desperately needs to hear you share that story right now. It’s how we relate, it’s how we connect, it’s how we feel seen and heard when we recognize ourselves in your experience.

And when you can find the right platform to amplify your voice, to get your story to where it needs to go, that’s when the power comes.


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