CI108: See who your followers are at their core with India Jackson

CI108: See who your followers are at their core with India Jackson

We will get through this. It does require being innovative. It does require, you know, really, really being clear about what you want. But that’s a beautiful thing because it allows you to focus on only that and not what you were told you should want.

~India Jackson, brand, marketing & visibility specialist

India Jackson is in the business of giving companies and solo entrepreneurs permission to be themselves. As CEO of brand agency Flaunt Your Fire and host of a podcast by the same name, India busts people out of their marketing ruts by providing strategies to connect their inner motivations with their brand’s external actions.  

Hang on. Before we go any further… This is an almost entirely A-wordfree zone! In fact, India doesn’t even utter the word authenticity (or authentic) during the course of our conversation (yay!). Instead, she outlines how we can reclaim our message — from the inside out. Anyhoo, back to the episode summary.

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Visibility is a two-way street.

~India Jackson

Without proper guidance, the vital connection between brand and audience can get wobbly. And that’s during the best of times.

Throw in a pandemic (a recession! social crisis!) and suddenly the entire foundation crumbles under fuzzy social media goals or tepid convictions or engagement oversights. As dire as these issues seem, they’re fixable if the entity in question is willing to go deep. “Creating a connected community is a lot easier when you’re able to go beyond the surface.” 

India’s got tips to help us get started with tweaking our message or embarking on full scale introspective brand analysis, including simple tactical upgrades to try like a brilliant IG hack for keeping track of connections!

Right now, the universe seems to be sending us a clear message: Now is the time to transform the brand/audience relationship. India’s expertise can help us turn prefab monologues into meaningful conversations. 

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