CI126: Wake up from your deep sleep with Lisa Lackey

CI126: Wake up from your deep sleep with Lisa Lackey

I think that a lot of Black people are waking up to our beauty and our majesty and looking at… we are not who we have been reported to be.

~Lisa Lackey

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The sun is setting a bit later these days (hurray!), so I thought I’d take Creative Impostor listeners back to an episode I recorded around the time of the winter solstice, those darkest days of the year. Hear me out. I promise this conversation remains relevant to our time, regardless of what the calendar says, and our ongoing exploration of not your typical self-care regimes. 

“I think that not your typical self-care has been, for me, just this exploration of what does it mean to radically love yourself.” With that, Lisa Lackey, M.A., LCPC, CSAT, CMAT, lays out her fundamental approach to some of life’s most vexing challenges: depression and the generational traumas that often compound it. Racism, too, and the cultural norms embedded within our public and private approaches to mental well-being.

Lisa has a way of communicating and communing with people that invites honesty in all its imperfections and awkwardness. It’s a skill she’s honed over her years as a therapist in Chicago and as host of Insideout Conversations, the show she’s dubbed bold, messy, real. 

Besides being one of my podcast clients, Lisa is an insightful, some might say even a prescient person. OK, I am saying that because our chat back in December touches on issues that many of us are experiencing today.

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Sometimes, denial is survival; it is used when you can’t face something, and that can be passed along generationally as well.

~Lisa Lackey

Yes, it’s easy to forecast the spirit-crushing lethargy to come at the onset of a midwestern winter. Yes, it’s just as simple to predict nationwide sadness over the first anniversary of the pandemic, with its unfathomable death count and slow vaccination rollout. Coupled with the country’s ongoing racial reckoning, however, it’s been starkly apparent to me how many people in my personal and professional circles have all – very recently – reported feeling something more profound than a passing case of the winter blues.

For a collective depression this deep, the self-care must be revolutionary. This episode hits the trifecta by exploring the bold, messy, and real issues that are keeping us apart while simultaneously drawing us closer together. 
Twobrilliant series from Lisa Black Women, Racism, and Trauma and Black Woman Burnout are available now on Insideout Conversations. The episode I specifically referenced (and sobbed while editing) was 36: Black women, racism, trauma, and our beautiful bodies.

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Special Music during our stretch break: Glass bass by Frankum & Frankumjay on Licensed under the Creative Commons.

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