128: Rise from the debris; yoga & healing with Mason Pain

128: Rise from the debris; yoga & healing with Mason Pain

Even a true, traditional guru — his only intention would be to introduce you to the teacher that exists within yourself.

~Mason Pain

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Throughout this entire pandemic (hello, first anniversary!), I’ve grown more keenly aware of my need for: 

  • A protective bubble for my mind, a metaphysical helmet if you like, to protect my synapses from the torrent of bad news and keyed-up discourse and…
  • A phrase to describe the practices that contribute to my sense of inner + outer wellbeing – something beyond the retail boon of self-care and…
  • While I’m at it, a true reckoning around those beneficial practices with problematic roots

It’s a lot to unpack in a year that has served up more than its share of awakenings.

Gong resonance sound therapist and yoga teacher Mason Pain has a strategy for calibrating his thoughts and actions around all those weighty issues. He advocates that we all develop more discernment and build intuition into our everyday lives.

He’s well aware of what a challenge that can be having wrestled with the recent (as well as the long-standing) revelations accusations of disturbing abuse committed by Yogi Bhajan, the now-deceased spiritual head of Kundalini yoga. 

Oh, self-care, why can’t you just be about delicious cupcakes and cat/cow pose (delicious as well, but in a different way)?!

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[In Kundalini yoga] you’re really putting yourself through some stress with the intention that if you go through it, then you’ll be better able to go through it when you’re faced with it in your life.

~Mason Pain

My conversation with Mason hits on many different levels. The one note he returns to throughout is the natural beauty of any wisdom tradition, be it yoga or breathwork or energy work – the fact that we don’t need anyone or anything beyond our own innate wisdom to move and breathe. We don’t require a guru or teacher to communicate what is already an experiential knowing inside of us. 

Whether we want to chant or twist or sit quietly on a pillow, it’s that inner attunement that guides us, if we’re willing to listen to the lessons. And when we need actual, experienced guidance? Mason reminds us that there are plenty of teachers holding these practices with a lot of integrity. It’s up to us to stay curious and shake off the spiritual naivete, to reach out and connect with them.

“Don’t let those failings and abuses of some of the leaders of these traditions keep you from discovering what these practices can do for you.”

I struggled with what to call this episode…

Slow down, go deeper

Meet your inner teacher

Move and breathe

Protect your mind and your heart

…They all apply to both the episode AND the deep healing that any of us could use right now. What do you think? 

I’d love to hear your response to this conversation with Mason. Email me your thoughts, share your own experiences. You can send a regular old email, or attach a voice memo.

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Premka: White Bird in a Golden Cage: My Life with Yogi Bhajan

Special Music during our stretch break: Glass bass by Frankum & Frankumjay on Freesound.org. Licensed under the Creative Commons.

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