Hey… What are you doing with that podcast? (How to deal with disappointing downloads)

Hey… What are you doing with that podcast? (How to deal with disappointing downloads)

I have seen people and organizations with very successful podcasting strategies who only have about a hundred listeners per episode… and I have seen podcasts that have 1500 or 2000 listeners that don’t feel like their podcast is successful. So what is with this discrepancy?

~Andrea Klunder, Your Podcast Boss

Disappointing podcast metrics?

Hazy podcast content strategy?

Feeling the burnout, the overwhelm, the dread… and it’s only January?!

When we only think about podcasting for our business, brand, or organization in order to grow our audience, and the reason we wanna grow our audience is to sell more of a thing in order to make money, then we are often going to be disappointed.


Because there are easier, more cost effective, faster ways to grow our audience, to sell more of a thing to make more money. This does not mean that podcasting doesn’t work, but it means that we have to be a little bit smarter than just download numbers, growing our audience to sell a thing.

We have to think about what podcasting does really, really well and how to leverage the time, the money, the energy, the effort, the investment that we are putting into our podcast, to know how to leverage that in a way that it makes more sense, that it fits into our strategy and into our workflow… better.

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Andrea Klunder

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Thank you for being a part of my listening community and if there is something that you feel like you’re needing as a podcaster, as a producer, as a content creator, as a small business owner who is dabbling in or fully invested in podcasting, if there’s something that you’re needing support around, or a question that you have, or a change you’re trying to make, email me and let me know: andrea [at] infuselife.net.

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