It’s not about Joe: Influence, responsibility, and brand values

It’s not about Joe: Influence, responsibility, and brand values

You may not have as many fans and followers as Joe or Neil or Brene, but you are a podcaster. You are a content creator. And you have people who listen to what you say. Your voice matters. Your values matter. Your words have power. Use that power wisely.”

~Andrea Klunder

Have you been following the shenanigans over at Spotify re: Joe Rogan and Neil Young?

Let me tell you a secret: It’s not about Joe.

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But the question is: As an influencer, as someone who wields power with their content choices, their guests choices, with their words, with their actions, with their social media posts… What is your responsibility at that point? And what are the lines you can or cannot cross?”

Andrea Klunder

My 5 points to consider:

  1. The jacked up nature of music streaming and how artists are treated in the music industry at large
  2. The future of content moderation – whose responsibility is it for curating content?/
  3. Is Spotify a tech company or a media company?
  4. The power and responsibility of “INFLUENCERS” in culture & society 
  5. Brand values & how to decide who to partner with


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