PE025: Josh Lewis, Saving Elephants, on Impostor Syndrome and Conservatism for Millennials

PE025: Josh Lewis, Saving Elephants, on Impostor Syndrome and Conservatism for Millennials

One of the magical things about podcasting is that sometimes you get to have a great conversation with someone who may have different opinions than you AND simultaneously find out how much you have in common.

This interview with Josh Lewis of the Saving Elephants podcast almost didn’t happen because his show is about conservative politics (not my cup of tea), BUT I really loved our talk and his fresh perspective on impostor syndrome when it comes to having a message you feel is so important you want to get it right!

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About Josh Lewis

Josh Lewis is a CPA who lives in Tulsa and works for the Oklahoma State Auditor’s Office.  A former candidate for City Auditor with nearly a decade of experience in auditing governments, Josh has a unique and practical perspective as an outside observer of politics put into practice.

Josh graduated from College of the Ozarks–Hard Work U–majoring in Accounting with a minor in Speech Communications, where he was president of the College Republicans.  Though a lifelong Republican, Josh stepped down as Treasurer of the Tulsa County Republican Party in 2016 when he could no longer support the candidate chosen to represent his party.

As a diligent student of the conservative movement championed by Edmund Burke, Russel Kirk, William F. Buckley, Thomas Sowell, and many others, Josh is passionate about conservatism surviving and thriving in the 21st century.

​Josh is also a contributor to The Millennial Review, a group of politically-engaged millennials who promote and defend the conservative values of freedom, limited republican government, and a robust civil society that have made America truly exceptional.

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