PE026: Reva Mody, The Anxious Rebels, on Impostor Syndrome & Anxiety

PE026: Reva Mody, The Anxious Rebels, on Impostor Syndrome & Anxiety

I could talk to Reva Mody of The Anxious Rebels Podcast all day long… but I won’t! For your sake, I’m giving you the 40 best minutes of our conversation about podcasting, impostor syndrome, anxiety, and mint chocolate chip ice cream.

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Our Guest

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About Reva Mody

I am a former Corporate Finance employee turned solo business owner.

I understand the anxiety and stress that comes with new business ownership and I believe, very strongly, in learning how to find happiness with the process vs the outcome.

I believe everyone deserves to pursue whatever they want to, but not at the cost of their mental health, happiness & relationships.

I am a psychology enthusiast and a Certified Mind Body Eating Coach.

I use scientifically proven, evidence based techniques to make our brains work for us, versus us, for it.

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