PE050: Producing Live Podcasting Events with Martha & Rob Southgate

PE050: Producing Live Podcasting Events with Martha & Rob Southgate

“I said I would never do a live event… doing it live — I would never do another podcast at home in my jammies if I didn’t have to. THIS is everything! I love the give and take. I love seeing people’s reactions. There’s nothing to me that compares to having that interaction.”

Martha Southgate, Southgate Media Group

Question: What happens at a live podcasting event? 

1) You experience performing your show in front of an audience.
2) You make connections with other podcasters.
3) You meet existing fans and make new ones.
4) You learn something new about your show or your audience.
5) You have FUN!
6) You make money… maybe.

Martha and Rob Southgate are the co-founders of Southgate Media Group, which started with a vision to make podcasts that are interesting, entertaining and informative for the whole family.

About 5 years ago, they branched out into doing live events, podcast marathons, and Rob is even publishing a book!

In this highly entertaining interview, recorded LIVE of course at the first ever Women in Podcasting Festival in Chicago 2018, Martha and Rob shared with us about their passion for what they do, where the insights come from (Rob likes to take looong walks to encourage his inner voice to chime in), and how to tackle the business side of podcasting (and no, it’s not about getting sponsors for your show…)

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Article Cont’d

“I have to think about the business part of it. One of the big questions people ask is: How do you make money in podcasting? The answer is: You don’t.”

Rob Southgate, Southgate Media Group

So how DO you make a business out of your podcast?

Rob says it’s not about the show itself, it’s about everything around the show — community, merch, events, etc.

Personally, I think the community building is where it’s at. Podcasting is about people, connections, interactions — and as Martha reminds us, that’s not as easy to remember if you’re just sitting alone at home or in your office recording and editing content week after week.

So how will YOU get out there with your show and build your community?

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