CI083: Rehearse! Live and breathe your presentation with Rob Biesenbach

CI083: Rehearse! Live and breathe your presentation with Rob Biesenbach

So, all these things I learned from acting: rehearsing, relentlessly planning, thinking of your audience, inhabiting the character, bringing energy to the room… Those are all critical.

~Rob Biesenbach

Quick! How do you introduce yourself (your business, your big idea, your creative project) to the world? 

Cue the impostor! If you’ve just broken into a cold sweat, I understand. This is one of those questions that can trigger even the most accomplished person, causing them to retreat behind ineffectual language and timid gestures.

Why is it difficult for some to claim their voice?

Probably because voice is more than just the noises we make. Voice is emotion and content; it’s the literal and the figurative.  Rob Biesenbach has worked voice from every angle. As an actor, a corporate trainer, a speaker, and an author, he’s crafted strategies that help people communicate and connect. 

I imagine some of you asking, “But Andrea, I’m a tax attorney (or a dog walker or a digital illustrator, or a…). What do I need to know about voice other than when to turn it up or how to dial it down?”

Well, that takes us back to the question up top…

Read on for more…

How do you feel about your own voice? 

Is it a tool that you feel like you have command over? Is it something that feels vulnerable? Do you enjoy speaking or presenting? Does it make you feel nervous? Do you never really think about your voice? It’s just a thing that comes out of you when you need to use it?

What questions do you have about voice? Would you like to learn about ways that you can become more comfortable or more skillful with using your voice?

Email me your thoughts, questions, fears, desires around voice: Andrea [at] 

This can be written out in text or you can record a voice memo on your phone or fancy microphone and send me the recording I can play on the show.

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Article Continued

You may never give a TedTalk (although I hope you do!) or be invited on a podcast (although I hope you are!).

At some point, however, everyone’s in the business of communication.

Whether you’re delivering your message to one customer or one thousand conventioneers, you’re the PR firm of your life and career. Having an answer you can rely on to the question of who you are and what you do keeps those cold sweats at bay. 

Rob’s approach to voice work is pragmatic. He advocates practice and preparedness. His exercises aren’t overly complicated. A few moments of physical assessment is usually all it takes to refocus our energy. And his rationale for self-evaluation is simple: when we know our strengths from our weaknesses, we can be unapologetic about both. 

That’s how you use your voice to introduce yourself (your business, your big idea, your creative project) to the world!*

*not-so-coincidentally, that’s also how you banish the impostor.


I think one of the most important things in our professional and personal development is getting to a place in your life where you know your strengths and you know your weaknesses so you’re not apologetic about either.

~Rob Biesenbach

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