PE060: Launching, Interview Skills, and Defining Your ‘Why’ With Jason Bader

PE060: Launching, Interview Skills, and Defining Your ‘Why’ With Jason Bader

As a host of a show if you really want to have longevity, you start handing the things over that you don’t particularly enjoy about the process to others who can do it much better than you can... and really focus in on what do [you] love and what do [you] do best.

~Jason Bader, Distribution Talk

Ready. Set. Go, now and future podcasters! This one’s part primer, one part pep talk.

Jason Bader is a longtime client of yours truly and host of Distribution Talk, the show that dives into the stories of business owners and thought leaders in the wholesale distribution space. Now that I have your attention…

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“This ability to sit in my own office and make money to do meaningful work… that’s been a phenomenal byproduct of this.”

~Jason Bader

Seriously though, Jason has a talent for taking this relatively mundane topic and making it interesting. As niche as the distribution field may sound, consider that getting products from a manufacturer into the hands of consumers makes up approximately 26% of the GDP in the US alone.

His audience includes listeners in Ghana, Bangladesh, and Spain so, yeah, he’s learned a few things about the art of podcasting. Some of which will encourage seasoned podcasters and newbies alike to reexamine their processes and potential.

Jason shares his views on all the (podcast) things: Download numbers! Outsourcing tasks! Startup equipment costs! Sponsorship goals! With the added bonus of honest insight into his struggle to book guests outside his comfort-zone and advice on what to do in the midst of those sometimes awkward rabbit-hole conversations.

We discuss the confidence necessary to get a podcast off the ground as well as the humble realities of keeping the show afloat. We look ahead to the future of connection in a post-pandemic world. And Jason gets philosophical about how his podcast why has shifted.

Distribution is a niche field for sure but Jason’s wisdom is crossover listening!

Peace, love, and podcasting!

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