CI105: Increase your visibility with Nicole Otchy

CI105: Increase your visibility with Nicole Otchy

“Getting dressed is a conversation with ourselves before it’s a conversation with anybody else.

~Nicole Otchy, personal stylist and branding consultant

What’s your wardrobe style?

That question can short circuit the finely-tuned minds of otherwise competent people. Business owners. Corporate execs. Entrepreneurs managing multiple revenue streams. Throw in a pandemic with its whiplash-inducing pivot to online all the time meetings or events and you’ve got a recipe for closet calamity.

Performed without context, all the recent Kondo-izing or late-night online buying binges can add up to a closetful of clothes but no strategy for creating outfits that project a sense of the person behind the brand.

Enter Nicole Otchy, personal stylist, personal branding consultant, and host of The Self Styled Podcast, a show helping listeners unlock their personal style. Yes, before you say anything, it’s Nicole’s firm belief that everyone has style. Things get complicated, however, when confidence gets hijacked by chatter. Conversations around how women “should” dress are mired in all sorts of “rules” – for our body type, our age, our career path or industry.

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One of the reasons why we all love pajamas is because they signal to us  comfort and they signal to us it’s time to wind down. Well, if you wear them all day, they signal nothing. When I would put on workout clothes after I had on normal clothes, I was more likely to work out because I was signaling something to my brain: Oh, when I put on these clothes, I do this thing. It’s not an imperative like: Oh, you have to look cute all the time, but it is an opportunity to say: how can I be there for myself?

~Nicole Otchy

Nicole’s private clients rely on her to eliminate stressors and help them hone in on their signature style, creating a collection of looks that simplify the process of getting dressed without sacrificing individuality. Her podcast does much the same but with the added bonus of featured guests and deep-dive conversations.

If your current style is whatever’s comfiest, that’s absolutely fine – for now. Everything’s changed, seemingly overnight, and dressing is an act of self-care. As the world shakes off its layers of pandemic pajamas, however, greater emphasis will be placed on virtual professional events and entirely revamped careers.

Nicole also foresees drastic shifts in shopping habits and as well as a greater emphasis on societal wellbeing. In other words, if you haven’t given style much thought, now might be a great time to revisit how you intend to style yourself and your brand for the future.

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