CI104: Change the systems that aren’t working with Sarah Buino

CI104: Change the systems that aren’t working with Sarah Buino

“I will just reiterate to be kind to yourself and let’s not continue to do grind culture right now. We don’t have to be productive. And if you’re not productive right now, you’re doing it right.”

~Sarah Buino, therapist, podcaster, speaker, founder

Ready for some virtual therapy? Truthfully, I’m casting a side-eyed glance toward anyone who, at this point in the pandemic, answers, “Nah. I’m fine.” 

And this is why I’m not a therapist.

But returning guest Sarah Buino, LCSW, CADC, CDWF, is and she’s here to say it’s fine if you’re fine…for now. Whatever you need to do to support your mental health, to save your business, to care for your family, to get through these weird, exhausting days (weeks, months), is exactly what you should be doing. 

Long-term though? Well, to channel Sarah-speak: Something’s gotta f^cking give! 

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“I’m really leaning on the experts that I hire like a lawyer and my accountant and my business-owning friends. I’m really leaning heavily on their wisdom, right now because, if I truly felt like I was holding this all by myself, I wouldn’t be able to survive.”

~Sarah Buino

As a fellow content creator and podcast royalty in her field, Sarah’s life on the other side of the mic hasn’t changed all that much. At Conversations With a Wounded Healer, she continues to connect with practitioners of various modalities, discussing the parallel paths of healing the self while caring for clients.

As host of Transforming Trauma, a podcast produced by The NARM Institute, she finds no shortage of topics to explore within the world of complex trauma.

As the owner of Head/Heart Therapy, however, Sarah’s on the frontlines of the telehealth battlefield. This crisis has forced her to patch together alternate means of supporting her clients and her staff while she waits for behemoths like Blue Cross Blue Shield to update their pandemic reimbursement structure. Given the haphazard response to the pandemic by some of our institutions (looking at you, health insurance, banks), she’s cautiously optimistic that the masses will galvanize, especially around the subject of telehealth, and change is gonna bleepin’ come!

Until then, how about some tips from Sarah for preserving our mental health and a delicious smoothie recipe?

POST EPISODE UPDATE FROM SARAH: There have been a bunch of therapists advocating for insurance companies to continue covering telehealth. We’re optimistic that they will do so as long as there’s a threat of COVID-19. It’s largely thanks to the way Gov Pritzker has approached this as a public health issue and is slowly reopening our state. Also, I’m happy to report that my business, as well as many other therapy practices, have begun to receive their small business loans!

Connect with Sarah

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Conversations With a Wounded Healer Podcast

Transforming Trauma Podcast from the NARM Training Institute




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