PE059: Talking About Clothes and Pivoting a Podcast During a Pandemic with Holly Chayes

PE059: Talking About Clothes and Pivoting a Podcast During a Pandemic with Holly Chayes

“Part of what I love about clothes is it can be an escape because there’s definitely an element of fantasy and aspiration to clothing and getting dressed and expressing ourselves in our style. And then there’s also the practicality of how do you look good on a zoom meeting call, and how do you show your personality and dress and be professional when you can only be seen from like the armpits or shoulders up?”

~Holly Chayes, Talking About Clothes Podcast

Podcast Envy is jumping into a new series of pandemic podcasting pivots. We kick it off in conversation with Holly Chayes, stylist, wardrobe consultant, and creator of Talking About Clothes with Holly Chayes, the show in which she…well, she talks about clothes with the people who wear them.

But her approach to clothing isn’t the typical wear this, not that take on fashion. Instead, she extracts meaning and motivation from the items found in her guests’ closets (or drawers or floors or wherever).

Anyone who’s sat for a Zoom meeting in a freshly-laundered shirt and last week’s pajama bottoms as of late would be forgiven for thinking the pandemic has thrown a wrinkle (I couldn’t resist) into Holly’s content – not to mention her publishing timeline.

Yes and no. A seasoned podcast pro since January 2020 (yes, you read that correctly), Holly’s sense of self as it relates to her show is refreshing. She’s not overly concerned with the statistics or “rules”.

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We’re all realizing in this stay at home and quarantined and self-isolate time, that there’s no one to dress for, so like we’re suddenly actually being able to dress for ourselves and we usually don’t do that and it gets really uncomfortable really quickly.

~Holly Chayes

Content angles vary right now as people’s attention spans waffle between hyper-productivity and warranted laziness. Holly’s had to adjust to her Plan B as shelter-in-place orders force people to lean into different aspects of their wardrobe personality. There’s no one to dress for, nowhere to go. So, she’s postponed pre-pandemic recorded episodes in favor of examining a past project through the “new normal” lens. 

As for publishing “on time”…what does that even mean? Talking About Clothes posts in seasons, not unlike fashion itself. There’s genuineness to her strategies, basic podcast math that can turn an idea into a listenable show: know what you’re creating + why you’re creating it.

For someone who’s podcast was a scant three months old when the future suddenly arrived, Holly’s not overly concerned about how her show will work after lockdown. She’s content to let these complicated times just be complicated and looking forward to breaking her own show rules in upcoming seasons. 

Peace, love, and podcasting!

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