PE066: Responsive Content That Resonates with Your Audience with Pam Covarrubias

PE066: Responsive Content That Resonates with Your Audience with Pam Covarrubias

“I think there’s a ton more opportunities for people to raise their voice, to speak up, to really show up for whatever cause it is that moves them.”

~Pam Covarrubias, Cafe con Pam

Two things I learned from my conversation with Pam Covarrubias of the podcast Cafe con Pam. One: No one said your pivot had to be a tidy 180º. Two: Replace hustle and grind with grace and compassion; you’ll tap into reservoirs of creativity, connection, and productivity. 

As an ex-corporate brand strategist, current business and productivity coach, community-maker, recovering procrastinator, and popular LatinX podcaster, Pam has proven those lessons. Often simultaneously. Never without enhancing her ability to connect. 

Don’t like the corporate drudgery? Quit and find something aligned with your purpose. Love podcasts but don’t hear nearly enough from voices that share your experiences as a Latina? Start one yourself! 

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“It’s all about helping others and it’s all about really utilizing the platform that I have to give back.

~Pam Covarrubias

Over a hundred episodes later, Cafe con Pam (like the rest of us) has found itself during a pandemic. So what’s an entrepreneur with dozens of episodes recorded pre-COVID-19 to do? She placed those shows on hold and began recording new interviews with a more immediate focus. A sound pivot. 

She also committed to showing up more often for her audience. Another solid choice in a time of crisis. Then Pam opted to introduce her audience to EFT* or tapping on her podcast and IG Live. No roll-out announcement. No polling her followers for their input. Instead, she leaned into the relationship she’d fostered within her virtual family and just started tapping. 

And if EFT didn’t resonate with her community?

Grace and compassion – for herself and her audience. “If you’re thinking one way today and tomorrow you think a different way on it…really show up in the realest way you can because that’s what the world needs.”

Spoiler alert: Pam’s audience needed her to show up precisely as she did and continues to do. 

Lessons learned.

Peace, love, and podcasting!

*Emotional Freedom Technique – for those unfamiliar with tapping, EFT  a technique modeled on the same principles of traditional Chinese medicine practices of acupuncture and acupressure. Meridian points in the forehead are tapped to positively affect the brain, energy system, and body.

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