PE067: Be a person of value to your community with Paul Reilly

PE067: Be a person of value to your community with Paul Reilly

“That’s why I love podcasting… it creates a whole new platform that I was a fan of before, but now it’s just part of the way I do business.”

~Paul Reilly, The Q and A Sales Podcast

Do you love selling ?! Yeah, me neither. 

Lucky for us, guest  Paul Reilly* does. Paul is the creator of The Q and A Sales Podcast, a show that, unsurprisingly, answers questions about the art and business of selling. He’s also a prolific speaker, trainer, and author. 

Here’s the thing: whether you podcast to gain clients or “just” to scratch a creative itch, you’re also selling something. A service. A product. An opinion about _insert your favorite pop culture reference here because I’m not going down a “This Is Us” rabbit hole_ . That said, podcasters (and wannabes) can learn a lot from pro sales people – especially those with successful shows. 

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“If you create the value for your community and put it out there in a way that they can find it, they’re going to reward you with listening and downloading, and then also sharing it with people they think will benefit from the message.

~Paul Reilly

In addition to his podcast, Paul has a day job. Sort of. Prior to COVID-19, he hosted on average 120 in-person seminars around the country per year. So, yeah, he’s had some free time to dedicate to a pandemic podcast pivot.

Considering lockdown restrictions have slashed approximately 70% from his income, you’d think Paul’s shift includes a hard-sell of his virtual offerings. Nope. Instead, he’s gone full-court free support, doubling up his episode and offering no-cost content access. 

He explains, “People needed something to lift them up, you know, both their attitude and their skillset.”  That community over clients approach stems entirely from Paul’s response to podcasting’s fundamental question: what is your why? (Seriously – you know how this podcast boss feels about that question!)

At just under a year old, The Q and A Sales Podcast is staying true to its answer and its niche. But Paul’s insight into creating a podcast, managing content, and sticking with your show even through difficult times is broad-spectrum advice anyone with a headset and mic can should adopt. 

Peace, love, and podcasting!

*Paul Reilly is a valued client of The Creative Impostor Studios.   

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