PE068: Capture What’s Current with Sarah Duncan

PE068: Capture What’s Current with Sarah Duncan

“Don’t let that [technical] stuff frustrate you…Keep going…because that satisfaction of planning an episode, recording it and finishing it, even if no one else listens to it, if you are proud of it, that’s just an immensely satisfying feeling.”

~Sarah Duncan, Salacious History

Can a podcast that investigates history’s secret sexy-times also be a resource for its listening community in tough times? In doing so, how does it stay true to its POV? And how the heck does a podcaster stay afloat without an outside sponsor or their own business/service to market?

For Salacious History creator Sarah Duncan the answer to all of those questions (and more) is passion.

Curiosity helps too, but the fuel that fires Sarah’s podcasting desire is the same one that stoked ill-advised royal marriages, contentious court battles, and ancient wars. Salacious History’s naughty bits are wrapped in context – sometimes lighthearted, sometimes challenging.

Each episode is thoroughly researched by a team of…one. Edited and posted by a team of…one. Financially supported by a team of…You get where this is going.

Without that passionate why, even a podcast about randy historical figures is in danger of losing steam.

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“I can’t do much, but I can provide content for someone to listen to for a few minutes and maybe give them some distraction.

~Sarah Duncan

That’s not to say solid shows like Sarah’s don’t face creative struggles; worldwide pandemics tend to upend well-intentioned show schedules. Sarah’s history in the making minisode approach satisfied her audience’s expectation for relevant topics as well as her own need to understand COVID-19’s wide-spread social ramifications. 

For season three, Sarah’s returned to the past, devoting her trademark attention to LGBTQ history. Crafting episodes worthy of her audience’s half-hour comes at a cost to her personal life; all the fact-checking and music edits take tiiiiiime!

The result, however, is a dedicated, growing fan base. While her Patreon may not come close to underwriting production or funding tech upgrades (yet), the intangible benefits – supportive comments, ideas for future shows, artistic achievement – crush her $12-a-month haul.

“I’m not curing cancer over here. I’m just providing information that I hope people find interesting.” As long as they do (and she does), Sarah continues to sit behind her highest-of-low-end mic, surrounded by a stack of sound-baffling diapers, digging into salacious history.

Peace, love, and podcasting!

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