CI Bonus: COVID is Good for Creators with Lucas Spivey

CI Bonus: COVID is Good for Creators with Lucas Spivey

Even though your regular channel that you reach people with has been shut down…  your role to the world does not change.

~Lucas Spivey, Culture Hustlers

By listener request, I am brining you this bonus episode with Lucas Spivey, founder of Culture Hustlers, to talk about how COVID is good for creators. What? Yeah… trust me…

Culture Hustlers is a business school for creators made by creators. It’s also an educational media company, which produces podcasts, documentaries, photo essays, all telling the story of how artists, designers, performers, writers, and makers can not only make art, but they can make a business.

Culture Hustlers has a cohort of different creators all over the world from 35 States and five countries so far who are creative people working together to help each other to build a business model.

Lucas and I had about 20 minutes to catch up online to chat about challenges and opportunities for creatives right now just before the launch of the NEW COHORT assembling for September 2020.

Applications are due Monday Aug 3rd so don’t delay! Work study is available (Lucas believes that everyone deserves access to this program!) 

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Whenever there’s a big shift in the world, those who have the most embedded power stand to lose the most. And those who have had little power, like small businesses, artists… they have an opportunity to seize that moment, pivot quickly in a way that most of these large institutions can’t and take advantage of the new landscape.

~Lucas Spivey

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