PE069: How To Book Podcast Guests

PE069: How To Book Podcast Guests

You MUST use an online scheduling software — it is a PAIN to try to book with someone back and forth over email or DMs and with so many robust, reliable, user friendly options (even free ones) there’s really no excuse.

~Andrea Klunder, Your Podcast Boss

I’ve got a super bossy solo episode for you all about booking podcast guests.

This nuts & bolts deep dive topic was prompted by one of our community members and frankly, I see this come up often as a HUGE pain point for podcast hosts, especially those of us with businesses to run who just can’t spend a lot of time chasing people down, sending reminders, dealing with no shows…

I have to admit, i’ve been pretty #blessed when it comes to booking guests for both Podcast Envy, and my other show The Creative Impostor because the type of guests I have on are pretty content marketing savvy and know the value of appearing on a well produced, expertly curated podcast.

So what’s the secret?

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“I never EXPECT the guest to promote the episode, but I always try to make it as easy and desirable as possible for them to want to (i.e. make them shine in terms of how they look and sound in all your media!)

~Andrea Klunder

Create a giant monster size list of all the guests you’d love to bring on the show.

People, you know, people you’d like to know referrals from past guests, recommendations from listeners or community members. include the best way or ways to reach out to them. Research what they’re up to, what they promoting, sharing, talking about on social.

Send an invitation message via the platform of choice.

Keep it short, sweet, and specific. Include why you want to have them, what’s in it for them, and an easy scheduling link. I use Calendly.

Customize confirmations and reminders.

Remind them of date/time, platform, any tech tips they need know. Share some specific topics or angle you want to discuss so they feel prepared. Do not send ALL of your exact questions ahead of time. Leave room for spontaneity.

Follow up!

Give your guest a heads up once you know when their episode is coming up. If it’s been a while since you recorded, ask if there’s anything specific they’d like you to include in the intro/show notes — like a new program, opt-in, etc. Once live, make it as EASY and desirable as possible for the guest to share your episode however they wish.

Are you feeling overwhelmed?

You don’t have to be. I recommend that podcasters seriously consider sprinkling solo episodes into the calendar; publishing episodes less frequently than once a week, so they can manage time, really getting the most mileage from each episode; or hiring a producer that can help take on some of this workflow. It’s actually a brand new service package that we are offering at The Creative Impostor Studios, along with our Elite Editing service.. You can learn more about that, of course, by scheduling a complimentary consultation with me.

Peace, love, and podcasting!

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