CI111: Align your Big V Voice with your little v voice with Tina Dietz

CI111: Align your Big V Voice with your little v voice with Tina Dietz

In this phase of growth, it feels weird. It feels nebulous. It feels like this molting bird… Sometimes it takes as long as it takes, you know, it’s not the enlightenment Olympics.Even though your regular channel that you reach people with has been shut down…  your role to the world does not change.

~Tina Dietz, Twin Flames Studios

This episode is for the birds. Or, rather, about birds. Or, more accurately, how much creative humans have in common with molting parrots. Hang with me; this episode isn’t wall-to-wall ornithology talk.

I recorded my conversation with Vocal Leadership Expert and Podcast Host Tina Dietz way back in the before-times. Still, her message about self-acceptance and faith in our creative evolution rings doubly true at a time when putting our trust in anything is a struggle.

She just happens to equate this transition with shedding feathers. 

As founder and CEO of Twin Flames Studios, Tina molds (not molts) experts into influencers, teaching clients how to amplify their message. Whether it’s through their own podcasts, as guests of other shows, or as in-demand speakers, Tina’s vocal leadership expertise goes beyond the simple correction of speech mechanics.

“I focus less on changing people’s voices as into helping them drop into their message.” About that…

Wave your hand if your message seems muddled right now.

Continued below…

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Article Continued

The best way to get to know if you’re ready is to know that you’re probably not ready [be]cause we’re never freaking ready and to just go ahead and do it.

~Tina Dietz

Transitions rarely come without challenges. There’s the macro level, global shifts taking place right now, and then there are the awkward personal doubts and missteps.

Good news is that micro-level weirdness might be a sign of message recalibration. Less welcome news is the path is rarely straight up and out; it’s a twisty inside job. Great news is, Tina says it’s all part of the process.

“When you are in a deep funk, you might not be able to think positively… But you can probably activate a little bit of curiosity, even if it’s dark curiosity.”

You’re not wrong for feeling vulnerable.

Massive life changes force us to question our personal and professional identities. What revelations have you backed into or uncovered? What has remained or endured? Those are the values Tina suggests focusing more energy toward as they’re the messages that need amplification now. 

Happy molting!

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