PE073: Traveling New Podcasting Routes with Lisette Austin

PE073: Traveling New Podcasting Routes with Lisette Austin

Don’t give up, get creative. I’m staying sane. And if I can — total shiny object syndrome — then you can too. And yeah, don’t be afraid to try new things, new podcasts.

~Lisette Austin, The Globetrotter Lounge

So, what does a change of scenery look like to an award-winning travel-hacking podcaster? In a time of social upheaval? During a global pandemic?

For Lisette Austin, aka Jet Set Lisette, that means staying the course. And, trying something new. Maybe…if/when she lands on the perfect encore to The Globetrotter Lounge, her podcast featuring “inspiring women who have found creative ways to travel more.”

COVID has forced many creatives to reevaluate more than just their revenue streams. Inequalities highlighted by the social justice movement have prompted possible content shifts. And while the mileages may vary between individual podcasters, the results are the same: evolution at warp-speed.

Lisette’s taking the trip in stride. 

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Article Continued

“You know… I do feel really good about what I’ve done. I think I don’t feel too sad about it because it’s starting to not feel right to do it. I think the pandemic has pushed me farther in that direction.”

~Lisette Austin

On staying the course. As a Black woman behind the mic in a field dominated by white (mostly male) faces, Lisette’s show has led the charge with a diverse roster of guests since the beginning. Fifty-six episodes in, Globetrotter Lounge is formatted to highlight voices not often interviewed for the same show. Young and old-er. The social media savvy and the unplugged. Families and solo travelers. Black, LatinX, South Asia, white. Her commitment to inclusivity will remain – no matter what form her new projects take.

On trying something new. Grounded travel podcasters are an antsy bunch. It’s no surprise, then, that months spent in one place have Lisette contemplating different show ideas, a new view in audio form. What is surprising is that she fleshed out some of her options in real-time on Podcast Envy! 

Regardless of her final destination, Jet Set Lisette’s ready to enjoy the ride.

Peace, love, and podcasting!

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