PE074: Narrative Storytelling, Soundscapes and Vulnerability with Adrien Behn

PE074: Narrative Storytelling, Soundscapes and Vulnerability with Adrien Behn

Tell the stories you really want to tell and that you think other people really need to hear and take as long as you can to get it right.

~Adrien Behn, Strangers Abroad

Behind every podcast with a lush soundscape is a creator who’s spent hours extracting just the right notes from her recording of an ambient flute. Adrien Behn is that podcaster.

As the voice and vision behind Strangers Abroad, she takes an exacting approach to her work. The result is ear candy for the pandemic-ly paused adventurer, a layered travelogue that speaks to the power of global connection on an intimate level.

All of that pre- and post-production labor begs the question why do this? Not the travel part. It’s easy to understand the siren song of planes, trains, and roadside food in foreign lands. But why go to such great, timely lengths (roughly 18 months) to produce the first season of her show?

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“I make this show because if you just boiled me down into a soup, I’m a storyteller.”

~Adrien Behn

Born, yes, but she’s also committed to the practice of storytelling and the craft of mixing elements. Sound, dialogue, arc, and execution are advanced ingredients that in less-experienced hands might overpower the show’s message. For Adrien, they entice with the right amount of texture and flavor, inviting listeners to take a chance on the unknown. 

In a media landscape packed with flawless content at the expense of realness, Adrien’s stylistic stories highlight rather than hide her vulnerability. Her willingness to flow with rather than against the aspects of travel (and herself!) that runs counter to lush Instagram landscapes supports Adrien’s hypothesis that the world is much more protective than predatory the more of it you experience.

She applies the same generosity of spirit to her show, reveling with her listeners in the unglamorous realities of travel and exposing the messy/beautiful process of growth that happens outside of the comfort zone. 

Want more? Adrien’s crossover episode on The Creative Impostor will be out soon for a “travels with my ex tale” that proves her fearlessness in real life as well as behind the mic.

Peace, love, and podcasting!

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