CI116: Shake it up a little bit with Adrien Behn

CI116: Shake it up a little bit with Adrien Behn

I really want other people to go out and live the most adventurous life that you can, and to fill your life with stories, because it’s so easy to live the same exact year over and over and over again.It can be done. You can bring the travel adventure home.

~Adrien Behn, Strangers Abroad Podcast

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The best travel experiences are the most personal. Adrien Behn certainly proves that point. As the voice and vision behind Strangers Abroad, Adrien has crafted a podcast that plays like a series of immersive travelogues-as-intimate-conversation. In the process, she’s archiving the experiences that make travel so seductive and inviting listeners to take a chance on connecting with the unknown.

In her quest to connect with the unfamiliar, Adrien’s travels remind her of the common thread that binds us all. Her approach is clear-eyed and grounded, as one would expect from a backpacker practiced in the arts of budgeting and making do.  “I sometimes think travel is really hard work because it can be very confronting and put you in a pressure cooker in a good way.” 

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If you continue to push yourself and learn and explore, there are moments in your life where you can physically feel your brain growing.”

~Adrien Behn

Adrien reminds travelers – especially women – that the pressure cooker is what makes trips off the well-worn path worth the effort. And while she’s not advocating that anyone wander through Latin America with their soon-to-be-ex, she is suggesting that expansive growth takes place in the most unlikely travel circumstances.

Pushing past the physical and mental boundaries of our comfort zones is a challenge anytime. During a pandemic, it can feel downright impossible. Adrien’s exploring several creative options to rev up her flow (feminist porn anyone?) but not forcing any of those endeavors too seriously. For the woman who published her first episode of Strangers Abroad on the same day that New York City went into hard lockdown, low-key and local travel options offer the same mind-expanding experiences as future global adventures.

It’s all about the deeper connection.

Head over to Adrien’s crossover episode on Podcast Envy for insight into how she crafts such evocative audio adventures.

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