CI117: Fulfill your passion AND your purpose, Rebekah Read

CI117: Fulfill your passion AND your purpose, Rebekah Read

“I think when there’s a need and there’s a child who doesn’t have anyone else, it just becomes apparent that you are their person.”

~Rebekah Read, Website Designer

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Listen to The Creative Impostor’s current series, and you’ll quickly pick up on a theme: travel as a love story. The guests differ in age and background, but all have prioritized travel, building a professional life on the go. These inspiring women share a love for the places and people off the beaten path, some backing into romance on the road, while others have found forever homes in foreign lands. 

Rebekah Read’s story is a bit different but no less love-filled. “All of a sudden, I was thrown into motherhood and was not expecting that. I was 22, you know? I thought I was going to be doing marketing.” 

Now 28, the Seattle-based owner of Rebekah Read Creative, a website branding agency, looks back at her younger self and knows with complete conviction that her trajectory pointed in one direction. “I always knew I wanted to work in a Spanish-speaking country at an orphanage.” 

As headstrong as she was, the path from wintery Minnesota to balmy Honduras wasn’t a straight line. Wanderlust and frugal living may have fueled early overseas adventures, but Honduras had already left an indelible mark on her heart.

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I think it’s always kind of a struggle of not feeling like I’m fully fulfilling my purpose. As much as I love my business and I love the freedom, especially, that it gives me – I mean, what entrepreneur doesn’t love that? – but I still feel that lack of purpose.

~Rebekah Read

Rebekah first visited the Central American country as a student fulfilling college degree requirements. She returned as a grad with her marketing degree in hand and big dreams of assisting a local non-profit with its messaging. Reality quickly settled in. Rebekah shifted gears, working on a foster care program for orphaned children while also providing ad hoc care in the nursery. 

The physically, spiritually, and emotionally exhausting experience crystalized Rebekah’s desire to combine passion with purpose. She’s designed a life that allows for extended trips to Honduras without professional compromises, COVID notwithstanding. Until travel resumes, Rebekah’s cultivating joy right where she is and staying virtually connected with her Honduran friends and colleagues. 

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