PE079: Better goal setting for podcasters with Kelly Covert

PE079: Better goal setting for podcasters with Kelly Covert

I think that it really takes a lot of courage to be able to say, you know what? It doesn’t have to look like this; I don’t have to do it this way.

~Kelly Covert, In Her Voice

For many, ‘tis the season to feel less than despite all you’ve accomplished. The twelfth month generally triggers an inevitable flurry of to-do list exercises, goal-setting activities, and wholesale changes to every single habit you have — just in time for the New Year. 

Inner-voice coach, author, musician, and podcaster Kelly Covert has felt your pain. “I never felt good enough, even if I finished something or I accomplished something, I just, I never felt good enough.” 

Kelly has since landed on the antidote. She quit goal-setting based on external expectations for her podcast, In Her Voice, and her life. Now, she’s purposeful about her intent, defining what success feels like to her as opposed to what it looks like to others.

“I really believe that if we’re intentional about the kind of habits that we have in our life, that that can really go a long way to cultivating that feeling of good enough or what I like to call enoughness.” 

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“It is possible for me to find that sense of flow and wellbeing and presence that I find in podcasting.

~Kelly Covert

For podcasters tied to measuring show success by standard metrics alone, Kelly’s counsel might sound radical, even downright crazy. In essence, though, she’s reconnecting your final product to your creative process. Her approach starts with simple questions: What do you want your life to look like? How do you want to feel about what you’re putting into the world? The answers inform what she dubs “kinder habits.” These building blocks to help us fully realize our show’s potential in a more holistic and, ultimately, more sustainable way.

Coupled with practices like worthiness reminders and a quarterly desire process, both outlined in her new The Enoughness Planner, Kelly’s helping others rediscover their creative why and revel in their enoughness. 

Peace, love, and podcasting!

P.S. For more insight into developing kinder habits for yourself and your show, check out my crossover interview with Kelly for The Creative Impostor!

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