003: Identity

003: Identity

“When I was a kid, I knew exactly who I was… if there was something I wanted to do, I was pretty sure I could figure out a way to make that happen.” ~Andrea Klunder

AK- The Creative Imposter-33What does it say on your business card? What’s your title? Do you feel like that’s who you are? This episode is all about Identity and in it, you will here about all the crises I’ve had with it by the age of 36. You may even discover a new way to define yourself.

This episode is adapted from a talk I gave for Nikki Nigl’s About Women Conversation in Chicago, IL. You can get all the details of About Women at Nikki’s website!

AND hear my interview with her on Episode #2 of this podcast.

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“Identity is not something you’re born with. It’s not something that’s thrust upon you… my identity is something that is unique to me. It’s something I can cultivate. It’s something I can choose.” ~Andrea Klunder


Women’s Business Development Center in Chicago

Peace is Every Step by Thich Nhat Hanh (referencing the Buddhist concept of “suchness”)

Louise Cloutier – the coach in Evanston, IL who led me on the visualization I describe in this episode and who has helped me with SO many other things!

My Bhakti Flow Yoga class at Sat Nam Chicago – This is how I integrate singing, yoga and creativity AND an opportunity for YOU to experience freedom in self-expression.

Want support on infusing what you do with your identity rather than the other way around?

My How to Start e-course is designed to help you take those first few bold steps on your creative path no matter what! Truly, I’ve taken all the wisdom from my podcast guests, past teachers and a whole lot of experience with failure AND success.

This episode was mixed by Edwin R. Ruiz of Mondo Machine.
The Creative Impostor theme music was created by JoVia Armstrong.

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