Podcast Episodes

066: Raise Your Vibration, Susan Chu: Crystals, Feng Shui and Changing Careers
065: A remedy for not enough
064: Stay in the room, Stacey Herrera, Sex, Money, Creativity, The Sensuality Project
063: Go on a Joyride, Aimee DuFresne, writer, traveler, joy catalyst
062: Commit to yourself, Jeannette Bridoux, Instagram growth boss, personal brand builder
061: You are not alone, a tribute to my cat Tytania, and the power of community
060: Reduce the friction, David Kadavy, writer, producer of Love Your Work podcast
059: Keep your day job AND your dream, Dylan Rice, singer, songwriter, guitarist, arts administrator
058: Cultivate brave space, intentional community, Licia Berry, Lisa Nalbone, Wendy Parman, Isabelle Rizo, Emily Stroia Gold
057: What do numbers have to do with success?
056: Affirm yourself, Kelly Covert, Inner Voice Coach & Host of In Her Voice Podcast
055: Let go of that desire for control, Sarah Buino, Addiction Counselor, Head/Heart Therapy
054: Trust the nudges you're getting, Samantha Mant, Naturopath, The Holistic Branch
053: Why I don't like "self-care" and I LOVE Self-care
052: Discover your magic, Tonya Gonzalez, Tarot Life Coach, Woo Woo Witchcraft
051: Take a risk, solve a problem, learn something new, Nikki Ricks, FemiNest
050: Decide to create your own happiness, Katy Flatau, Mindful-U
049: Change, Connection, Magic and the Death Card
048: Write your own roles, Fawzia Mirza
047: Become a co-conspirator for social justice, Sarah Dennis & Ashley Lana Scott
046: Use your power & privilege for good, Andrea Ranae Johnson
045: Talking to strangers
044: Break patterns & shift the narrative, Elsie Escobar
043: Have your ice cream first, Ruth Humphreys
042: Come over and play
041: Build the community you wish you had, Bree Noble
040: All the things I am NOT
039: Give yourself a real shot at your crazy dream, Jen Briney of Congressional Dish
038: Revisit Nikki Nigl: Make a list
037: Permission to stop
036: Transform the trauma, Monica Martin
035: Impostor vs Intuition
034: Step into your power with tarot, Charlotte Elea of Dream Intuition
033: How podcasting & meditation saved me...
032: Engage your curiosity, Jennifer Gardner of RoamHowl
031: Your Shadow & Mine
030: Invoke the spark of transformation, Sara Zalek of Butoh Chicago
029: New Year Alternatives (resolution-free!)
028: Heal your heart, Lysa Black
027: Mindfulness & Impostor Syndrome
026: Craft your story, Isabelle Rizo
025: Community Online & Off, Social Media Anxiety (and how to cure it)
024: Play Dress-Up - Darcie Purcell & Susan Marzano, Soul Love Fest
023: Own Your Choices, Andrea Newberry, Leche Libre
022: Mindfulness, Community & Business - Season 2!!!
021: Effort & Surrender, Mira Binzen, Children's Yoga
020: Edit your life, Sage Grayson
019: Toolkit: Self-Compassion
018: Toolkit: Vision Collage
017: How to start (anything)
016: Trust yourself, Amy Segreti
Andrea Klunder Impostor Syndrome Comparison
015: Comparison & Competition
014: Start a conversation, Beth Santos
013: Toolkit: Yoga Nidra (Relaaaaax...)
011: Resistance
010: Ask your inner wise person, Ellen Katz
009: Travel, Service, Gratitude
Kathryn Pisco, Unearth the World
008: Travel Out of Your Comfort Zone, Kathryn Pisco
007: Money
006: Be a Soul Innovator, Alee Reina Hoffman
005: Procrastination & Perfectionism
004: Feed Your Creative Hunger, Melissa Dinwiddie
Andrea Klunder Impostor Syndrome Comparison
003: Identity
002: Focus on the What, Nikki Nigl
001: Impostor Syndrome, Do you have it?