016: Trust yourself, Amy Segreti

016: Trust yourself, Amy Segreti

“Why do I have to go to this place where I’m called to write something but it hurts to do it because I’m really digging around in this tender place in my heart? I know that it’s me and that it’s authentic when it’s hard to publish, when it’s scary to publish.” ~Amy Segreti

In this episode, I talk with Amy Segreti of Live All of You, an online resource and coaching business designed to guide you on a creative path of self-inquiry and awareness.

Amy is also the creator of The Abundant Host, a resource for cultivating lifestyle freedom by successfully hosting travelers via Airbnb.com.

Things you’ll learn about…

  • how the secret to manifesting what you want in life is desire + belief + action
  • getting out of comparison and creating authentic work via self-inquiry & truly knowing yourself
  • the importance of surrounding yourself with teachers, partners and practices that can provide compassionate perspective and function as a mirror for you
  • holistic day design for productivity and authenticity
  • finding freedom and connection — welcoming magic into your life!

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Amy’s Websites: Live All of You * The Abundant Host * Purdy Purity (on Instagram)

Facebook  * Instagram * Twitter

“Knowing yourself and knowing where you’re at right right now in every moment as much as you can by doing your own self-work or self-inquiry… will help you manifest or help you create your reality way easier than if you’re trying to push yourself to do something that doesn’t feel like you” ~Amy Segreti

Links & Resources

Holistic Day Design with Amyproductivity packet

Cleaning Up!Amy’s book on successful hosting via Airbnb

Amy’s interview with John Lee Dumas on Entrepreneur on Fire!

Creative Space Retreat to NOLA with Andrea!


“If something heavy is going on in my life and I need an outside perspective, my teacher will always give me one that I have not thought of… which continuously amazes me because I like to think sometimes that I can think of everything!” ~Amy Segreti

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Amy Segreti 

I’m Amy Segreti, and I help people communicate, expand and invite magic into their lives.

I’ve been a writer and editor rooted in the blustery world of journalism for 12 years. Fluent in Spanish and AP style, I’ve worked as everything from publisher to managing editor to news editor to reporter.

I’ve published hundreds of pieces internationally in print and online publications such as The Huffington Post, New Worker Magazine, The Baltimore Sun, elephant Journal, Thought Catalog, The Globe (NC), InMadrid (Spain), The Daily Camera (CO), Yellow Scene Magazine (CO), Maryland Life, Rooster Magazine (CO), Fortnight Journal (NYC) and The Washingtonian (DC).

I’m the founder and editor of Twine Magazine. “Twine” comes from a root desire: to intertwine play and purpose in our lives. The magazine showcases and supports storytelling as an integral part of our experience in the world.

I started Twine in Boulder, Colo. as a print magazine in April 2012 and grew it to an audience of 20,000+ readers in 40 cities—from San Francisco to New York City to São Paulo to Madrid. I moved it online in April 2013, to reach a wider audience and become more of a reflection (particularly in my personal life) for what it stands for—sustainability, creativity and freedom.

My #1 passion is writing. Whether I’m working on an investigative story, a narrative feature, a poem or a pun, I strive to be the conduit for a genuine connection between subject, reader and self. It’s a love-triangle hit for me.

I’m also a 200-hour certified yoga teacher, in addition to being Level 1 certified in Reiki. I love exploring different modalities for healing and diving deeper into our Selves.

If you still want to know more about me, here are other things:

I have been known to sneak avocados into restaurants if I notice they do not have them on the menu. I have been reprimanded for this. And yet, I continue my life of crime.

I adore dance and authentic body movement; it is an integral part of my  self-expression. I’ve been on a salsa dancing team and love playing with different aerial dance modalities, including aerial silks, pole and cyr wheel, aerial hoop, in addition to hula-hooping and general booty shaking.

Movement is a huge part of my life; I’m a bicyclist, rock climber, Rollerblader, yogini, hiker, runner, and am working on activating my “Athlete” archetype. I have a Goddess pole in my home and I’m not afraid to use it.

I am a life connoisseur and believe that pleasure, breathing and dropping in are more important than grinding through anything. Creativity comes to those with soft space to receive it.

The work I do revolves around enhancing and beautifying communication—with ourselves and with others. I believe that self-inquiry is the way through to full self-expression—and that self-expression is the key to our happiness and vitality.

I highly dislike crappy writing in the “lifestyle entrepreneur” industry. I hate writing for SEO, and I hate when everyone sings the same song with no difference in rhythm, tone or beat. We all believe the same thing? Gorgeous. Groove to it in your own way.

I don’t understand when people have an answer that is not where they are currently living when asked the question: “If you could live anywhere right now, where would it be?” Go there. If you think you can’t because you have kids, read this. Have pets? Read this. No money? How about this. I’m going to be a brat about this one.

I’m a hipster-snob with foodie tastes best described as: “gourm-casj” (“casj” pronounced like the beginning of “casual,” drawn out for snooty emphasis). Quality is most important to me, irregardless of price. Therefore, you can potentially find me at Frasca one night and the Halal cart on 53rd and 6th the next.

I’ve thought about starting a coworking space many times because it is the brick and mortar equivalent of what I believe can change the world—a community of people with strongly aligned value systems around creation, receptivity and sharing. In the end, I joined one instead… and media-partnered with the Global Coworking Unconference Conference… and wrote a magazine feature piece about coworking…

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The Creative Impostor theme music was created by JoVia Armstrong.

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