046: Use your power & privilege for good, Andrea Ranae Johnson

046: Use your power & privilege for good, Andrea Ranae Johnson

“We see things that are so big, they’re so daunting, we say, ‘There’s no way can change anything. Who am I to even try?’ And with that mentality, it’s not going to change.” ~Andrea Ranae Johnson

You have more power than you think.

This month, I made a commitment to join an initiative to build solidarity for social justice headed up by my new friend and colleague, Julie Neale, host of Mother’s Quest podcast.

It’s called the Women Podcasters in Solidarity Initiative and I had NO IDEA how I was going to approach the topics of social justice and racism on The Creative Impostor when I said “yes.” Almost immediately, Andrea Ranae Johnson’s new program, Coaching as Activism, popped up in my Facebook feed (I swear they’re spying on my real life conversations) and I knew I had to talk with her on the show.

In this episode, Andrea Ranae is giving you some real strategies for how YOU can shift your awareness away from futility and overwhelm and toward acknowledging your power and learning how to use your power for good.

If you think this topic sounds heavy, please don’t skip it!!! One thing I love about Andrea Ranae is how she approaches both the inner work of self-help and the outer work of activism with positivity, hope and a down-to-earth perspective.

And if you haven’t already, check out Episode 045: Talking to strangers, where you’ll hear how I met Julie and why I’m taking on a theme on the show that pushes me out of my comfort zone. Let’s just say, it’s part of my creative growing edge.

“Parenting, art making, writing, teaching — generally how you show up in our everyday lives can be a form of activism… actively dismantling the things that don’t serve us in society or in our communities and also creating and cultivating new ways of being or new systems, new structures that better serve the collective” ~Andrea Ranae Johnson 

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“I’d just like to see us actively working on our biases… and how we relate to people who are different from us… it doesn’t have to be perfect.” ~Andrea Ranae Johnson

About Andrea Ranae

Andréa Ranae is a vision-led facilitator and coach who believes that together, we rise. She is deeply committed to doing her part in cultivating a world that works for everyone and does so by placing her work at the intersections of personal growth, social justice and conscious business.

As the creator of Coaching as Activism, she supports people doing transformative work to deepen their impact by taking a critical look at how their work and lives are connected to social change. As the co-founder of Whole / Self Liberation, she offers and uplifts practical tools, resources and wisdom for those who want to make change happen in their lives and communities. As a coach and consultant, she works with entrepreneurs, businesses and organizations that want to be more inclusive and impactful do so through their approach to leadership, their marketing and their company culture. She’s a huge fan of #blackgirlmagic, sunsets and veggie burritos.

“If you don’t know that you have power, then you can’t use it.” ~Andrea Ranae Johnson

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