045: Talking to strangers

045: Talking to strangers

“How can I push the boundaries and expand the possibility for what we are creating here together in this podcast relationship through this technological, magical, modern connection that we have?” ~Andrea Klunder

Confidence = the decision to try, Self-doubt = the decision not to.

What happens when you get bored with the thing you’re creating?

You switch it up, try something new, and sometimes… that can make you feel like a total impostor all over again!

What do you do then? Take an action, talk to strangers, do the thing so you can be the type of person who does that thing and you can trick your brain out of feeling like a fake. 

Learn how, listen now…

“When you go to a conference… people are there because they want to talk to strangers, they want to expand their network, they want to meet people, they want to make connections… it’s not ‘networking’, and it’s not trying to collect as many business cards as possible… it’s all about making connections… and a lot of times that doesn’t happen in a session.” ~Andrea Klunder

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In the month of Sept 2017, it’s a Yoga Nidra Creative Visualization. I invite you to listen, try it, and post in The Creative Impostor Facebook Group what action you will take on your creative edge with #takeaction.


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“What Mel was talking about in terms of impostor syndrome is that it is totally normal. Whenever you are doing something new, of course you’re going to feel like an impostor, of course you’re going to feel like a fake because it’s new, you don’t know how to do it, you’re expanding… taking a risk… If you are not experiencing impostor syndrome, it means that you’re too comfortable, you’ve gotten lazy, you’re not growing and you’re not challenging yourself.”

But what if it’s actually behavior that changes your mindset? 

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“All the creative ideas in the world mean nothing if you don’t actually implement them or do anything with them.” ~Andrea Klunder

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