058: Cultivate brave space, intentional community, Licia Berry, Lisa Nalbone, Wendy Parman, Isabelle Rizo, Emily Stroia Gold

058: Cultivate brave space, intentional community, Licia Berry, Lisa Nalbone, Wendy Parman, Isabelle Rizo, Emily Stroia Gold

“There’s something sacred about passing the microphone to each individual woman and what’s even MORE exciting and sacred is the way in which everyone was LISTENING to each other.” ~Andrea Klunder

In this episode, I have FIVE incredible women gathered to talk about intentional creative community and, of course, that pesky little impostor voice!

My guests!

Licia Berry… bestselling author, artist, speaker, mentor, women’s advocate, author of I Am Her Daughter*

Lisa Nalbone… educator, advocate for self-directed lifelong learning, author of Life Sparks

Wendy Parman… singer, actor, writer, voice teacher, creator of Callie’s Solo web series

Isabelle Rizo… business mentor for the next generation of successful female entrepreneurs, artist, filmmaker, facilitator of The Singularity Circle

Emily Stroia Gold… professional intuitive, spiritual medium, poet and author of Into the Light

Let me set the scene for you…

A cool, crisp fall day in Chicago. Six women, including myself, gather in my 2nd floor vintage walkup apartment. Many of us have only ever met online, but we’ve all been brought together for a single purpose.

We have tea and then we sit in a circle.

I have two microphones — one for me, and one that we pass around the circle as each woman shares her own story, ideas, and words of encouragement.

This is the closest thing to a wise women’s council that I’ve ever experienced. I feel that we’re sitting around the bonfire shaping the future of our culture and community ahead.

We talk about:

  • The bridge between online and offline space to create community
  • The Supernova personal art and storytelling event designed by Isabelle Rizo, for which we were all gathered
  • The importance and power of cultivating intentional community
  • Getting clear on your story, your why, what you want to create in the world, and also your boundaries
  • How our impostor voices show up and what we do about it

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Connect with Our Guests

Licia Berry

Book: I Am Her Daughter

My professional experience includes 25 years in education and training, with keen interests in psychology, philosophy, neuroscience, fine art and learning styles.  My search has been to find a way to explain mystical experience through logical language. Through a grounded, practical and even scientific approach, I bring left brain language to right brain experiences (such as mystical experience).

My life, as well as my work in the world, is firmly centered in wholeness and balance.  The union of our inner feminine and masculine, or yin/yang, is accessed and our true power expressed through this attention to balance.  My interest in wholeness arises from my experience, which shows me that integrating all aspects of ourselves is the kind, compassionate course to an actualized, joyous life.

Lisa Nalbone

Book – Life Sparks
Life Sparks Learners Group

Do you want to see possibilities, adopt new mindsets and find resources to tackle challenges in your learning adventures?

I’ve felt your pain — as a student, a teacher, a mom, and a daughter.

Hi! I’m Lisa. My path was not always clear and the journey not always easy.

Over the years I’ve taught multiple subjects in elementary through high school, and outside the classroom I’ve coached children and adults in everything from math, college preparedness, to designing non traditional learning pathways to meet career goals. Today, I focus on coaching young people and the young at heart to identify and design a path to pursue their purpose. I also write, speak, and give workshops about the power of self-directed learning and how to use the LifeSparks A-Z strategies to reignite your – or your children’s or student’s love for learning..

I’ve published the LifeSPARKS Guide and Workbook with strategies for self-directed learning and am hard at work on a combination quarterly planner/journal to help you define and map your self-directed learning journey.

And of course, I am learning all the time, enthusiastically. Won’t you join me?

Wendy Parman

Callie’s Solo

Wendy Parman is a bit of an anomaly among performers today. She has spent a life in the performing arts singing, acting, writing and creating material and as well as teaching.

Most recently Wendy has been creating a musical/comedy web series, based on her life as a singer/voice teacher in Chicago, called “Callie’s Solo, which debuts this fall.

Originally from Kansas, Wendy graduated from the University of Kansas with a BFA in Theater/Voice, where she studied classical music and sang the roles of the Countess in The Marriage of  Figaro and Laetitia in The Old Maid and the Thief, and had the unique opportunity to study with  Z. Cynkutis,  one of the original actors from the  Grotowski ‘s renowned  Teatr Laboratorium, with a specially selected group of students. Wendy appeared in summer stock theatre with Vassar Playhouse and played Eliza in My Fair Lady as well as Marty in Grease.

Isabelle Rizo

Isabelle’s FREE Facebook community – The Singularity Storyteller Incubator

As an amateur scientist observing human behavior online and offline Isabelle noticed similarities between all humans. Our need for connection. Connection coming from integration with trauma. In online space where things were easily anonymous people would instantly connect – and she wanted to create that in offline space. From there Isabelle began integrating her online story with her offline reality by becoming a travel blogger, consultant, and strategist working remotely from various parts of Europe and North America.

Skipping the traditional college route and becoming an advocate of life-long learning, Isabelle integrated her learning journey into her culminating mentoring and strategy programs. How we as a society must not fear technology but integrate with it as singularity storytellers. Creating a smaller more connected world.

Through her multimedia art and curated experiences she intends conversation to be sparked, connections to be made, and deeper things to be moved. Her work and programs can be found at IsabelleRizo.com

Emily Stroia

Book – Into the Light
Intuitive Soul Academy

Emily Stroia is an intuitive, medium, teacher and author. She teaches people tools to connect to their intuition and share their gifts with the world. You can find out more about her at www.emilystroia.com

She is also the recent author of Into the Light, a memoir-inspired book on healing the past including loss, trauma, abuse and finding one’s voice after through spirituality and self-exploration.

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