059: Keep your day job AND your dream, Dylan Rice, singer, songwriter, guitarist, arts administrator

059: Keep your day job AND your dream, Dylan Rice, singer, songwriter, guitarist, arts administrator

“The challenge is how do you not give yourself away? How do you keep your own soul and integrity intact? You need to have these reserves of your own worth.” ~Dylan Rice

Crowdsource your perks…

In this episode, I reconnect with singer, songwriter, guitarist, arts administrator and my former roommate from my early 20s, Dylan Rice. Dylan is an artist who has both left his day job to make music and record an album AND has kept his day job to make music and is now recording his THIRD self-funded studio album. And he’s doing this really cool thing where he reached out to his creative community to crowdsource the perks for his current crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo.

And this episode has music! All tracks from Dylan’s 2nd album Electric Grids & Concrete Towers, used with permission from Dylan Rice.

Check out the campaign here and consider supporting his dream, while getting some new music AND fun perks, including an artsy Meditation for Creative Minds gift from me.

We talk about:

  • How we met and what we were like in our 20s in Chicago — artistic naivite and how we struggled to find our creative identity
  • Music making, performance and prioritizing what you love most in your craft
  • Depression and self-loathing vs patience and self-compassion
  • Pros and cons of having a steady day job while pursuing your creative passion
  • The seemingly hidden side of being a musician- business!!
  • Creative burnout, how Dylan keeps moving forward with his craft and why it’s important to take breaks and CONSUME art as makers of art
  • The inspiration behind Dylan’s new album, his starstruck moment walking into the recording studio and how it feels to open his crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo

Connect with Dylan

Software Giant (collaboration) on Bandcamp

Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign

Arts, Entertainment, and Public Policy Professional with 15 years of experience in program design, business and community development, marketing and communications, collaborative partnerships, and event production in the public and private sectors. Ecosystem and brand developer. Relationship builder and connector. Organizational collaborator. Audience-focused wordsmith. Dedicated follow-upper. Music maker.

Proven track record of launching strategic initiatives based on measurable outcomes, engaging corporations and organizations as collaborative partners, steering complex projects to completion on time and under budget, and evaluating impacts.

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This episode was mixed by Edwin R. Ruiz of Mondo Machine.
The Creative Impostor theme music was created by JoVia Armstrong.

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