090: Office Hours… Ideal Listeners & Compelling Podcast Intros

090: Office Hours… Ideal Listeners & Compelling Podcast Intros

The listener will come to your show because it has good information or it’s something they’re interested in the first time, but they’ll keep listening because they will know, like, and trust you by the end of that episode..

~Andrea Klunder, Your Podcast Boss

I don’t love listener “avatars.” They’re not real people!

And you want real people listening to your podcast, right?

So how do you determine WHO your ideal listener is, especially when you haven’t launched yet?

How do the hosts of a brand new purpose-driven podcast communicate their vision and cultivate a listening community?

And why is this so important anyway?

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Podcasting is extremely effective as a medium for a lot of different things. It is not fast. And so, you will grow your listener base. You WILL find an audience. And it might be slow.”

~Andrea Klunder

Time to break down the particulars in this session of “Office Hours” with guests Stacie Lampkin and Mike Palazza, podcasting newbies who are *this close* launching their show, Healthcare Behind the Scenes. The pair reached out to Podcast Envy for strategic advice on a few premise and format aspects of their show. 

From refining the example of their ideal listener to highlighting their co-hosting strengths, our coaching session yielded tips that will help you craft an inspired show of your own, one that cuts through the status quo.

A bit of background on the podcast concept we’re working with:

  • Stacie and Mike have a passion for educating folks on both sides of the healthcare equation: patients and practitioners.
  • Their combined professional knowledge––Stacie’s a pediatric pharmacist turned patient advocate, Mike, a social worker––and experience receiving care make are access points for the audience. 
  • They’re committed to showcasing guest-oriented, story-driven advocacy solutions.

Their show has a solid community-driven focus and a theme that naturally welcomes diverse voices (we’re all patients at some point!). Stacie and Mike also have an incredible rapport; their banter is genuine and effortless.

Still, as strong as their show’s concept is, the pair acknowledge room for improvement. We covered a wide range of topics (and decided to do break this coaching session into 2 episodes!), but here are two suggestions from this episode to get them from ready, set to launch:

Ditch the listener avatar exercises. Yep, this one goes against all those “how to…” lists. I say get specific about your show’s audience; pick a real person from your circle who’d listen in and train your focus there. 

An intro is your calling card; make a good first impression. Apple Podcasts, Google, and I think intros beyond the 5-10 seconds mark are too long. Keeping things fresh at the episode level while building instant recognition at the show level is a balancing act.

So, yes, it seems like everyone has started a podcast, but not everyone has successfully aligned their show with their purpose. You can do it! What are you waiting for? 

I’d love to hear your thoughts! Are you crafting a show of significance? Tell me about it. Email me, andrea@thecreativeimpostor.com, DM me or comment on this episode’s thread on Instagram @thecreativeimpostor, leave it in a review at ratethispodcast.com/envy.

Peace, love, and podcasting!

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