Podcast Envy Episodes

Beth O'Connor, The Rural Health Voice, on Social Impact & Podcasting
PE027: Howard Salter, The Average Guys & The Ace Report, on Impostor Syndrome and Podcasting for Veterans
PE026: Reva Mody, The Anxious Rebels, on Impostor Syndrome & Anxiety
PE025: Josh Lewis, Saving Elephants, on Impostor Syndrome and Conservatism for Millennials
PE024: Hey Andrea... how do I do better podcast interviews?
PE023: Katy Barber, KakeBytes, on Impostor Syndrome, Online Trolls & Gaming History
PE022: Dave Jackson, School of Podcasting, on Impostor Syndrome and Podcasters Hall of Fame
PE021: Jennifer Longworth, The Thoughtful Entrepreneur, on Impostor Syndrome
PE020: Stop trying to give your audience value, Harris of Sleep Whispers
PE019: Bri Seeley, But How? on Impostor Syndrome
PE018: Solo Shows... what would I talk about anyway?