CI086: Speak about the hard things, LIVE with Monica Rivera

CI086: Speak about the hard things, LIVE with Monica Rivera

Chronic loneliness is a worldwide epidemic. That’s the primary message that I’m trying to deliver in the talk.

~Monica Rivera, on “The Flipside of Loneliness”

Do not be fooled by the length of this show! Brilliant things come in small packages or, in this case, short episodes. In fact, it’s perfect timing especially if you’re considering doing something crazy-brave. Like give a TEDx talk. 

Her insights are about more than just what’s going through one’s head as they take the TEDx stage. But it’s a great place to begin our chat.

At 18 minutes or less, single-topic TEDx Talks are brief — unless you’re the one doing the talking, that is. Then it feels like you’ve signed on for 18 hours.

Think about it. Can you maintain your composure (not to mention your train of thought) long enough to engage with an audience in a meaningful, one-sided conversation? Shakespeare’s longest soliloquies clock in at considerably less time!

Oh, and by the way, your talk will be filmed, published on YouTube, and archived. ForEVER.

Those are the general guidelines to which my guest Monica Rivera agreed when she set out on an 18 month odyssey to tick the give a TEDx talk box on her bucket list.

Make no mistake, as with some of Shakespeare’s best, a TEDx presentation must be a carefully prepared presentation focused on the power of an idea to change lives and ultimately, the world (from the TEDx submissions page).

No pressure. 

Read on for more…

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Article Continued

Sounds like an absolute white knuckle ride from application to stage, right? Oh, and by the way, did I mention that Monica got up in front of a roomful of (mostly) strangers to talk about her experiences with bone-deep loneliness? 

And yet… when you hear her explain the why and the how of her TEDx Talk, you’re listening to someone who had total conviction in her message (remember that power of ideas to change lives and the world stuff?) — despite being a novice.

One of my favorite quotes from Monica is humble yourself to know that what you don’t know is really important.

She’s speaking of the entire experience, that white knuckle ride from application to stage. And we’re all going to have to humble ourselves to things we just don’t know. What we learn about life in the process – about loneliness, about grief, about stepping outside our comfort zones – just might make an excellent TEDx topic.

Want to watch Monica’s TEDx Talk? Yes, you do!

Check it out on YouTube or listen on episode 109 of Monica’s podcast YOU WANNA DO WHAT?!


It’s about being patient with yourself because if you try to springboard yourself into a place you’re not ready to be, you will inevitably come right back.

~Monica Rivera

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