CI090: Learn how to use your voice (and have fun) with Lisa Orkin

CI090: Learn how to use your voice (and have fun) with Lisa Orkin

Don’t podcast for results. Podcast because you’re making something you believe in and make it about that. Make it about the art of what you’re doing. Make it about something you believe that you want to put into the world and don’t worry about feedback.

~Lisa Orkin, Creator of Project WooWoo

I’m calling it: my conversation with Lisa Orkin – voiceover actor, podcast host, writer, speaker (the list goes on and on) – is the best Creative Impostor episode of 2020 so far! 

I mean, it’s got everything! A Back to the Future kind of open in which Lisa and I experiment with mental time travel. Humorous name-dropping. Life advice you can put into practice woven throughout.

Tension! Drama! Comedy! (all the elements of selling a compelling story, by the way)

Oh, and Lisa tosses in an anecdote about auditioning for work only to have the producers lament that they’d prefer her father (famed voiceover actor Dick Orkin) for the role… if only he weren’t dead. Talk about an imposter syndrome pile-on! 

See. I told you: best episode of 2020 so far.

But beyond the comedy (did I mention that Lisa’s a veteran improv performer as well?), what stands out to me about this episode is its optimism. Lisa has faith in her ability not only to craft and tell her story (or, in her case, stories), she has faith that someone wants to listen.

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Either they want to BE you or they’re so glad they’re NOT you is why they follow you.”

~Lisa Orkin, Creator of Project WooWoo

Lisa has found her place(s) in the world – professionally and personally – by staying true to her idea of self-worth and standing firm in her point of view. And she’s comfortable with her voice, figuratively speaking; her wacky, often avant-garde voice. 

And her literal one, too, come to think of it. 

Lisa puts it another way. For her, that confidence comes when she’s fully committed to whatever it is she’s doing, even if no one else is watching, or listening, or laughing when they should be. And, after nurturing many projects simply for her own enjoyment, she truly does believe that, by doing something you love long enough, you’ll find your people and they’ll find you.

If that sentiment sounds too optimistic for you, then you need this show now more than ever. It is, after all, the best show of 2020 so far.

P.S. If you’ve never listened to Project WooWoo, I recommend the episode with Madame Zoltair (it’s my favorite!)

You’re invited to celebrate 100 episodes with me!

Here’s how…

  1. Go to
  2. Pick one of the episode titles listed there that resonates with you — it could be because you listened to that episode and it pinged something for you — or maybe you didn’t even listen to the episode, it’s just the phrase that holds some meaning.
  3. Write (200-300 words) or record audio (2-3min) -ish of a short story about how that phrase, idea, episode either influenced you or has shown up for you in your creative life or work.  You don’t need to do any editing. Even just a voice memo on your phone will be great.
  4. Email it to me by March 1st, 2020.

I know, I know, if you are not already a podcaster, recording your voice for public consumption may feel terrifying. Let me assure you that since you are a part of The Creative Impostor community, your story is going to be relevant to other listeners in this community.  If you share genuinely and authentically you will get nothing but love and knowing head nods back.

Also sharing your insights, wins, fears, major failures, resilience, discoveries can be SO liberating and affirming. (truthfully, this is one of the main reasons I podcast.)

And if you really want to contribute but you still feel too uncomfortable, you can always ask me to read or play your story anonymously.

Of course if you want to shout your website, blog, etsy shop, podcast etc from the rooftops, include where we can find you so I can shout it from the rooftops!

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