PE056: Podcast therapy, marketing, & making friends on your show with Sarah Buino

PE056: Podcast therapy, marketing, & making friends on your show with Sarah Buino

“I am looking for more speaking and teaching gigs nowadays and so it’s been this “pose yourself as an expert” sort of thing. And, also, it’s just been a vehicle for me to talk to cool people.”

~Sarah Buino, Conversations With a Wounded Healer

The new year comes preloaded with bold plans. That’s doubly true when the calendar hits a milestone; even the tiniest ideas get a jolt from the magnifying power of 2020 party glasses.

Have you finally decided to start that podcast? Are you thinking about supporting your current podcast with a Patreon page? Ready to create a new Instagram profile for your show or nurture a marketing plan that’s gone stale? Haven’t got a clue where to begin or what to focus on? 

Relax. You don’t have to figure everything out all at once. In fact, you don’t even need to have it all figured out after 70+ shows as this episode’s guest will attest. You just have to start.

Sarah Buino, LCSW, CADC, is one of those people who stands in the full wattage of her abilities. As a therapist, Sarah interviews people for a living. It’s no surprise then that her talent for leading meaningful discussions in her day job is what makes Conversations With a Wounded Healer, the podcast she hosts and I edit, such an engaging listen. She dives into topics with a combination of curiosity, humor, and vulnerability. Guests can’t help but follow her into the deep end. 

Conversation comes naturally to Sarah but that’s not to say podcasting is easy for her. After all, there’s more to launching and maintaining a show than chatting into the mic.

Much of the technical work needed to turn a recording into a podcast is made up of tasks that Sarah has no interest in learning. But, you need to hear this right now as you contemplate starting your own show in 2020: the things she didn’t want to know didn’t stop her from starting her podcast.

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“I think I wanted to figure out another marketing mechanism but I don’t like to watch myself on video. And I’ve got a great voice…so it seemed easy.” 

~Sarah Buino

Sarah delegated the tasks that didn’t interest or appeal to her to an editor (in this case, me). I cleared space for her to focus on other mission-supporting projects, like following people she admires via Instagram. The psychology-related contacts Sarah has made via IG have become guests on her own show and presented her with opportunities to appear on other podcasts. 

Here’s another piece of wisdom you need to hear right now as you contemplate starting your own show in 2020: plans for your podcasting future can (and will) change as you learn, do, and grow. 

If you’re an entrepreneur like Sarah, you might decide at the onset to podcast as a way to drive new clients to your business or collect income through sponsorship. While both of those goals are possible (note my not-so-veiled caution), Sarah’s vision is more realistic and long-term. She’s passionate about establishing her brand and growing her network. She’s plotted out a future in which her professional influence has expanded and she earns a living as a speaker and podcast host. 

She’s smartly positioned Conversations With A Wounded Healer as her marketing mechanism and her dream is becoming her reality. Later this month, Sarah and I will launch a new show for the NARM Training Institute called Transforming Trauma.

So…it can be done! What “it” is up to you. Put on some 2020 party glasses and take a good listen to Sarah Buino and I (yes, those glasses can amplify sound). There’s a lot of wisdom in this episode and it’s bound to get you excited about your podcasting new year.

Peace, love, and podcasting!

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