CI092: Think of yourself as a vocal professional with Wendy Parman

CI092: Think of yourself as a vocal professional with Wendy Parman

Think of it [voice] as symbolic of many things about our central identity, let’s say, and not really even symbolic but literally, how do we express ourselves day-to-day about who we are the most? I guess what I’m trying to say is that working on your voice can [be] a whole life-changing experience.”

~Wendy Parman, voice teacher, singer, actor, writer, etc

What do an opera soprano, a university lecturer, and a podcaster have in common? They’re all vocal professionals!

In fact, according to performer and voice teacher Wendy Parman, you’re probably a vocal professional. 

Think about that for a moment: anyone who leans heavily on their voice, either to create art or do their job is a pro. Salesperson or singer. Teacher or actor.

With that in mind, why are so many of us trying to muscle our voice into places it just doesn’t want (or need) to go? If you’re doing so because you don’t feel like you deserve the right to occupy your space, listen up! You should fill your corner of the world to capacity. 

On your own vocal merits. 

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“Whether it’s speech or singing, I do almost always start with breathing and try to get people, you know, finding that deeper, fuller sense of their breath and utilizing it.”

~Wendy Parman

Wendy’s teaching and performing style is a refreshing take in the often harsh, anonymous world of online critiques – those knee-jerk, uninformed responses that inevitably land in YouTube comments, podcast reviews, and post-show Twitter feeds. Side note: if you’ve posted that kind of analysis in the past, Wendy’s insight will give you pause before you do so again. She’ll also arm you with deeper insight into why conditioning the uniqueness out of our voices (or anyone else’s) is a recipe for inauthenticity.

Unpacking that for a moment, Wendy cautions her clients against their desire to sound like someone else. That’s a common fallback position for anyone not yet in command of their power, this belief that forcing Adele’s dark, dramatic tones onto their own will make them more listenable, more successful.

Listenability doesn’t stem from mimicry. 

I hear you thinking, “But Andrea, isn’t there a fine line between listenability (or castability if you’re a performer) and standing on principle for my unique sound?”  Glad you asked!

Vocal styles (like Paris fashions) go in and out of favor. From flourishes to fry, there’s always a current “it” sound. But if that’s not your sound, don’t force it! Wendy suggests learning how to harness control and foster good technique – think breathwork, warmups, and new-to-me cool-down exercises. 

Once you learn how sound is made, you’ll get comfortable with what your voice has to say.  

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