CI093: Stop making stuff that nobody wants with Lucas Spivey

CI093: Stop making stuff that nobody wants with Lucas Spivey

If you think you need to move to a city to access the creative buzz, I think you’re looking at the situation through the wrong lens… Geographically there’s a revolution happening like across the world… and it’s happening in every city every basement, like every street corner, every crusty little studio. It’s a global revolution that’s happening right now.

~Lucas Spivey, Culture Hustlers

Dear Creative Impostor Listener, 

It has taken me a while to post this, and to respond to what is happening in our world right now. And that is for a few reasons. 

I felt blind sided over the past couple weeks and have had to react and find ways to be pro-active in my business to support clients and colleagues and cash flow. I have had to focus in on making sure friends, family, and myself are all okay and have what we need (when we don’t even really know what we need.) And I’m sure your story has been similar.

But more importantly I delayed because I want to choose my words carefully.

I want to show up as a leader right now. 

In fact, I think it’s important for podcasters and all content creators who have a platform to really think about using it right now to amplify good in the face of a lot of BS that is getting amplified in other ways.

And so I felt both pressured and paralyzed because I know whatever I say now will be heard years from now, when everything might be different.

There’s an onslaught of media and some VERY GOOD podcast episodes covering “coronavirus” and “COVID-19” (does anyone else feel like we shouldn’t say it out loud — like “he who shall not be named”). I’ve listed some in the resources bleow.

Maybe you’re gobbling it all up, and maybe you’re sick of it. Anything that’s NOT about that may be a relief and may sound completely tone deaf.

I did some meditating today, in quiet, no podcasts in my ears, no Facebook in my face, no conversations on my phone, no client work under my fingertips and checked in with my gut to see what I wanted to say to you, what I could offer.

And here’s what I came up with…

Continued below…

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Article Continued

“The two things that are typically agreed upon being very difficult to teach: One how to be an artist. It’s pretty hard to teach someone how to be innovative… The other thing that’s really hard to teach is entrepreneurship. How do you teach having a business? You just have a damn business.”

~Lucas Spivey

Are you currently stuck inside, furiously learning the steps to the coronavirus shuffle? Join the club. The world-wide lockdown is forcing freelancers and creatives to pivot on regularly-scheduled content or scrap their trusty playbook altogether. 

So, what does a Creative Impostor do when the entire planet is forced into time out? 

She goes for a spin* in a souped-up, decommissioned ambulance with Lucas Spivey of Culture Hustlers and records a podcast about the future of art and, more importantly, getting paid for said art.

*Full disclosure: She did NOT go for a spin during the quarantine! This episode was recorded about a year ago (yes, I know!) But the message, the spirit, the HOPE is full-on what creatives need to hear right now; a feel-good episode for when things don’t feel so good.

Lucas is a BFA MBA who’s traveled to all 50 states (yes, even Hawaii) in his mobile incubator, capturing wisdom and stories from the country’s hardworking, often unsung, creators. It’s life-on-the-road as PhD. Seriously, he scrapped the formal experience of post-graduate school for a sometimes-sleeps-in-a-van existence. That multifunction studio on wheels van life coupled with his traditional educational forms the foundation for his virtual coaching program. 

So why this episode and why now? Because Lucas’s enthusiasm for creators and the creative process is contagious (too soon in the midst of a pandemic?). And, his key pieces of advice have the power to shift the way you do and deliver your art. 

ONE: Stop making stuff nobody wants. Seriously. Just. Stop.

TWO: Look outside your field for inspiration. So, if you’re a podcaster, look to theater or breweries or calligraphy artists or…

If you’re a brewmaster, what’s stopping you from looking to podcasters? 

Oh! Along with that, Lucas wants creatives to stay connected. “The best thing to do as a creative person is collaborate, be open to meeting new people and then just like have the conversation and see where it goes.”

That may be a hard sell when we’ve been told to practice social distancing, when scoring a roll of toilet paper and coordinating a family check-in call are the new self-care rituals. But the shelter in place orders will eventually lift. When it does, maybe you’ll have found fresh inspiration and designed a new normal way of creating.

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Culture Hustlers

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Lucas Spivey

“Don’t Hate, Collaborate” docu-short directed and produced by our very own Technical Director, Edwin R. Ruiz

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  3. Write (200-300 words) or record audio (2-3min) -ish of a short story about how that phrase, idea, episode either influenced you or has shown up for you in your creative life or work.  You don’t need to do any editing. Even just a voice memo on your phone will be great.
  4. Email it to me by March 15th, 2020.

I know, I know, if you are not already a podcaster, recording your voice for public consumption may feel terrifying. Let me assure you that since you are a part of The Creative Impostor community, your story is going to be relevant to other listeners in this community.  If you share genuinely and authentically you will get nothing but love and knowing head nods back.

Also sharing your insights, wins, fears, major failures, resilience, discoveries can be SO liberating and affirming. (truthfully, this is one of the main reasons I podcast.)

And if you really want to contribute but you still feel too uncomfortable, you can always ask me to read or play your story anonymously.

Of course if you want to shout your website, blog, etsy shop, podcast etc from the rooftops, include where we can find you so I can shout it from the rooftops!

Podcast Recommendations on Current Events

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Small Business:
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Conversations With a Wounded Healer, Sarah Buino “Coronavirus: The State of Ourselves”
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Transforming Trauma, The NARM Training Institute “How to Stay Emotionally Healthy During the COVID-19 Pandemic”
Tarot for the Wild Soul, Lindsay Mack “Weekly Medicine The Moon and Two of Cups”
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And generally to help you sleep… Meditative Story, Boring Books for Bedtime, Nothing Much Happens, Sleep Whispers

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