CI094: Reinvent your revenue (and freak out if you need to) with Sami Gardner

CI094: Reinvent your revenue (and freak out if you need to) with Sami Gardner

“It’s okay to modify things. It doesn’t need to always be business as usual. In fact, I would recommend to people, if you’re really worried about how to show up, how to sell, how to market right now, just be giving… Be a giver.” 

~Sami Gardner, Career Specialist

Life in the time of Covid-19. Whether you’re brainstorming a complete personal website rebrand or nesting under a pile of bread-baking cookbooks, one thing is certain in these uncertain times: the world of work has been radically altered. 

How do creatives greet these changes? Where do they find new opportunities? Who can they turn to for help?

Sami Gardner is a digital nomad, podcast host, and career specialist for the gig economy. With her guidance, thousands of professionals have developed their networks, reinvented their revenue streams, and generally recession-proofed their careers. With the current crisis grounding Sami to her family’s home in Tucscon, AZ, she’s taken the forced time-out to assess all aspects of her business before the next challenge hits – namely, a virus-prompted recession. She shares some pro-tips with The Creative Impostor that you can put into practice today, tomorrow, or whenever you’ve recouped enough stamina to look ahead. 

As someone who prides herself on working several revenue streams across multiple countries, the pandemic forced Sami to pivot hard. She’s cancelled upcoming career-boot-camp programs with NomadFest and retooled once-evergreen content to better address the new reality.

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“We’re all nesting in different ways. I’ve done the physical get my stuff sorted but the nesting that I’ve been doing recently is all the stuff for my business. Cause I do see the recession coming ahead… [it’s] time to shore up all your reserves.”

~Sami Gardner

Sami balances maximizing this odd downtime with a version of self-care that fits her personality. Boxed wine and video games help her recharge. Common-sense business strategies keep her business afloat while she navigates uncharted economic waters. Reconnecting with past clients is a familiar lead generation task. Today, however, calls for lower expectations. In her own recent experience, Sami notes that clients aren’t as quick to return calls as they previously had; an understandable byproduct of the pandemic and one that requires greater compassion on all sides.

One of my favorite Sami-approved tactics for amplifying your humanity is to become a giver. She advocates for live streams in which a charity is spotlighted and content is given away for free. It’s a low-grade way for entrepreneurs to stay relevant in people’s feeds and do good in the process.

The bottom line is, while this isn’t the perfect time to reinvent a business, it’s the time we’ve been given. How can you make the most of it and stay sane in the process?

If you need to take time out before you answer for a bubble bath or your favorite video game, that’s okay, too.

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