CI095: Serve your clients and community with Tina Conroy

CI095: Serve your clients and community with Tina Conroy

“I always say to people that energy follows intention. So when you pray for someone or you have a good thought for someone, you send out that prayer, you send out that thought. We know that when we do that collectively and we’re connected, there’s so much good that can happen.” 

~Tina Conroy, Reiki Master, yoga teacher, intuitive healer

Time for a bit of the obvious: stress and anxiety are two of life’s constants. From minor aggravations to major worldwide meltdowns, what we lean on – physically, mentally, and emotionally – brings us comfort and, with any luck, relief.

But what happens when your normal path to calm is blocked? How do you start a home practice? What do you do to supplement therapeutic work that normally takes place in an office or studio?

The question and its complications cut both ways. If you’re a practitioner, how do you serve your clients when circumstances force you to pivot away from high-touch, in-person connection? What does your virtual support plan look like? And how does a practitioner find space for their own self-care?

There’s a new learning curve – both online and IRL – and the diversity of online options is exploding.

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“I feel like I can’t keep up. I feel like I’m not doing enough, but that’s because I’m a perfectionist and I like to serve. And a healer, which I know you are as well. So I feel that I can’t put enough content out on the podcast and my yoga classes.  So I’m really trying.”

~Tina Conroy

Tina Conroy E-RYT, RMT is a modern healer who knows her way around the technical side of mind-body support. As host of The Intuitive Woman podcast, she explores the innate wisdom of the conscious and nonconscious mind via solo episodes and chats with guests. As Director of Energy Healing and Reiki Master at The Center For Integrative Medicine in New York, she teaches yoga and oversees the reiki certification program.

Tina’s early adoption of virtual outreach includes the basics like Facebook and Instagram where she offers daily meditations, readings, and other intuitive care. Beyond the fundamentals, she’s embraced online platforms like Zoom for Reiki and readings – two energy practices that don’t require hands-on manipulation. 

Offering so much virtual service in a time of great anxiety can come with real consequences if not managed correctly, compassionately. Tina admits that periods of overwhelming exhaustion are a byproduct of her altruistic drive to support clients and coworkers. She’s feeling her way around a new normal, adjusting her own self-care routine whenever and wherever necessary. 

For someone whose work and spirit thrive on connection, I love that Tina’s multi-platform approach to healing is a model for a new normal and a relief to anyone searching for virtual support.

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