CI096: Control what you can with copywriter Noel Bosco

CI096: Control what you can with copywriter Noel Bosco

“The clients I have…they are more willing to be vulnerable because a situation like this that affects literally everyone everywhere… I feel like it’s easier for some of my clients to come closer to their audience and say, ‘Hey, this is hard for me to. I don’t have all the answers. I’m not dealing with this in the perfect way. Let’s figure it out together.’” 

~Noel Bosco

Add motives and messaging to the list of daily concerns that have gone haywire lately. My mental capacity is running near empty just trying to regulate my sleep pattern, my eating regimen, my emotional wellbeing… How about you?

If you’re a full-fledged business owner, content creator, or someone maintaining a side hustle, how do you position your content now in these uncertain times*?

*Ugh! I strongly dislike using that term! If anyone has come across better phrasing, please share! For now, we’re just gonna go with it.

Noel Bosco is a copywriter working with B2B clients and non-profits. Her pragmatic advice is a solid reminder for any creative struggling to manage their message in the midst of crisis: put your audience first and raise the curtain on some of your own vulnerability. 

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“I think most of the reactions from businesses that I’ve seen can be divided into two, maybe three categories. The first one is we were not prepared for this at all and didn’t even think about it, and our promotions went on as usual. The other group reacted very quickly to try and capitalize on it. And the third group, which is the group that I personally think has been reacting the best, is the group that has been putting their audience first..instead of trying to capitalize on it.”

~Noel Bosco

This is a unique time to be sure and most audiences are hungry for stability. Conversely, they’re overwhelmingly willing to forgive you for stumbling over that initial Zoom attempt or an inaugural Instagram Live (and the good news here is that you’ll only get better!). Triple points are also given to anyone thrown into a WFH situation with a spouse or roommate suddenly in residence 24/7. Or a child in tow. Or a cat who’s suddenly discovered your laptop keyboard is the perfect place for naps.

We’re all in this together doesn’t always lend itself to the perfect working environment. But broadcasting genuine solidarity is an advantage small companies and solopreneurs hold over well-known corporations. Sure, their megaphones are larger but your integrity and your voice matter! 

Leave capitalizing on the situation to faceless big-name players desperate to sell you insurance or a home alarm system. Instead, Noel suggests finding ways to be of service to your audience – a recommendation we’ve heard from recent CI guests including Sami Gardner. Major crises are bound to test relationships. But, as Noel points out, the language of marketing and copywriting is always shifting, the core principles – making and nurturing connections – don’t, even in uncertain times**.

**Seriously, help me.

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