CI101: Navigate your finances through tough times with Jen Hemphill

CI101: Navigate your finances through tough times with Jen Hemphill

“The one thing that I have been seeing is ‘I haven’t saved up’ and the guilt around that. ‘I don’t have any emergency savings’ and ‘I haven’t built it up’ or ‘Why did I get myself into all this debt?’…You need to let that go. Focus on the now and give yourself the grace that you’re going to get through this.”

~Jen Hemphill, certified financial counselor

Somewhere between the stress of planning for tomorrow and the distractions of paying for today lies the sweet spot of financial health. Jen Hemphill, a financial counselor and host of the podcast Her Dinero Matters, has helped countless people, myself included, confidently manage their money.

With her strong focus on the Latina community, Jen’s committed to showing her clients how to thrive beyond their bottom line via coaching, public speaking engagements, and episodes of her show, including How To Be Financially Resilient. In this episode, she shares some budgetary crisis management tips with the CI audience and insight into the entrepreneurial pivots she’s making to increase her business resiliency. 

COVID-19 has affected everyone’s finances differently. Lost wages! Unexpected savings! Increased household spending! Lower incidental purchases! Whatever your situation, one aspect of money management has remained true: money is personal and it’s emotional.

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“The good news is that we are resilient because, at some point in our life, we’ve already navigated some tough times, whatever challenge that may be…I think we’re all resilient, but we just don’t know how to navigate.”

~Jen Hemphill

Jen’s advice differs from a financial planner’s in that she doesn’t provide guidance on long term business or retirement investments. While that service is important, her niche is more immediate, centering on pragmatic solutions for day-to-day finances.

And it’s more introspective, requiring clients to take emotional stock of their history with money. The process can be enlightening, unearthing memories of childhood scarcity or parental mismanagement. The payoff, says Jen, is a deeper connection to your relationship with money and a more informed approach to spending and saving.

That’s financial resilience and you can access it even in the midst of a worldwide pandemic.

Grab your Plan B to being financially resilient. This worksheet is a free gift from Jen!

And here is the free financial counseling resource Jen mentioned in the episode:

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