PE058: Your people need you right now (keep going!)

PE058: Your people need you right now (keep going!)

“I think it’s about the impact. I got a lot of emails this time: ‘Thank you so much for doing this… this really helped me. I’ve been listening to this every night before I go to bed.’ Oh my God – One person… that makes all the difference.”

~Tina Conroy, The Intuitive Woman Podcast

Yes, things have gotten shaken up. I am genuinely grateful for my health, my family’s health, my friends, my clients, and for podcasting.

I have been busy over here releasing more content than usual and my other show, The Creative Impostor.  We’ve been doing a series on how creative entrepreneurs in different niches have been pivoting, adjusting, taking care of their businesses, and of themselves through all of this global crisis.

AND I am just celebrating 100 episodes over there, which is huge!

I have been so grateful for my show as the central structure around which I’ve been orienting my weeks.

Knowing on what day I have what interviews and knowing that I am going to make that genuine connection and create a piece of content that is going to be helpful for other people to hear has been so worthwhile.

Additionally, I have podcast clients who have been addressing the needs of their specific communities through their shows and I’m really proud of them.

I’m telling you this because Podcast Envy is not just about how to make a podcast, but it’s also about the culture of podcasting, and I wholeheartedly believe there has never been a better time for podcasting.

I’ve heard other podcasters complaining in groups and online forums or wondering why their download numbers are, well, a little lower than usual.

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Many new podcasters are wondering if they’re doing something wrong. I’ve heard reports from various analytics sources saying that listenership is down across the board, unless of course you happen to be in the categories of religion and spirituality, kids and family, or news.

If you already have a show, a following, an audience, a community, they need you right now more than ever.

And if you have been putting off launching a NEW show, I say if you have the time, the resources, the head space, and you are crystal clear on WHY you want to create this show, this very well could be the perfect time to start.

Thank you to Tina Conroy of The Intuitive Woman Podcast and Ivy Summer of Plan Your Wedding Like a Pro for lending your thoughts to Podcast Envy!

Peace, love, and podcasting!

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