CI109: Find the path with Pat Wetzel from CancerRoadTrip

CI109: Find the path with Pat Wetzel from CancerRoadTrip

Ultimately, it’s up to you to craft your own life.”

~Pat Wetzel, author, traveler, founder and creator of CancerRoadTrip

When I asked Pat Wetzel to imagine her life in the wildly uncertain future, the creator of CancerRoadTrip and the new podcast Bump In The Road, responded with complete certainty. 

But first…

To understand Pat’s optimistic attitude toward the personal and the professional, it’s helpful to know how she got here. Diagnosed with supposedly inoperable cancer in 2009, Pat embarked on her treatment journey to discover that “care” rarely addressed experiences beyond the physical. The profoundly emotional aspects of living with the diagnosis happened in a lonely bubble.

AntiCancerClub was her antidote, a platform that gave voice to cancer’s unspoken topics (social isolation, fear, spiritual inquiry, and the shifting nature of friendships). Investors followed and the project gained momentum only to suffer devastating legal and financial blows culminating in the loss of her intellectual property and her house.

With no place to call home, Pat set out on a road trip. 

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You’re in this cocoon of possibility. Anything can happen and anything can happen because you’re open to it.”

~Pat Wetzel

The much-needed change of scenery became a perspective-shifting project that eventually morphed into CancerRoadTrip. If she could find healing on the road, why couldn’t she recreate that environment for others? 

But nothing is easy. Outside forces have, once again, forced Pat to idle in place, this time in the form of a travel-restricting pandemic. The resulting challenges feel similar to a cancer diagnosis. 

As with her recovery, Pat relies on her flexibility and a willingness to let things evolve to see her through the changes. Case in point: the creation of a podcast to fill the content void left by her inability to travel. It’s a new outlet for sharing the stories that resonate with her audience and offer connection in a time when physical distance has been added to the isolating reality of cancer. 

Pat hopes our post-pandemic future brings about a collective shift in cultural values and a focus toward more social entrepreneurship. As for herself, she’s not forcing significant changes. Instead, she’s pacing herself for the hard work to come, identifying opportunities that make the most economic and creative sense for CancerRoadTrip right now. Her game plan for navigating this uncertainty remains refreshingly certain:

“For me, I don’t know what the path is, but I will find it.”

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